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TorGuard Launches New Encrypted Email System

VPN provider TorGuard has launched a new encrypted email client for its user base. All TorGuard customers are now eligible for a free 10MB email address (@torguard.tg) with unlimited storage options available for an upgrade fee and monthly/quarterly/yearly billing options. Any VPN users looking to avail of the new TorGuard email address need to contact […]


Canada Rules Police Can Search Cellphones Without A Warrant

The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that police can search mobile phones belonging to suspects, provided that they limit the scope of the search and follow certain steps. This verdict is widely regarded as a setback to privacy advocates. The judgment was given regarding a case that concerned an armed robbery that took place […]

Internet Users to Hit 3 Billion by End of 2014 says UN

The United Nations has published a new statement that says the number of Internet users worldwide will hit three billion by the end of 2014 with two thirds from the developing world. The report also notes the staggering growth of mobile users. The findings on information and communication technologies (ICT) show a growing demand for […]

Viber Messages Unencrypted, Say Researchers

New reports say that message sent through mobile messenger service Viber are completely unencrypted, meaning anyone with the intent can listen in on your calls and view your messages and photos. Researchers at the UNH Cyber Forensics Research & Education Group carried out the study with the message – “Do not use Viber until these […]


HideMyAss Expands Networks in South America and Africa

HideMyAss has added new servers in Colombia, Yamoussoukro, Nairobi, and Lagos. The VPN provider’s network now covers 72 countries with 148 locations and 597 VPN servers. The chart above shows the growth of HMA’s network over the last 12 months. Last April they managed around 350 servers. Now they are approaching 600 servers. The service […]

NSA Uses Radio Frequencies to Crack Disconnected Devices

As of this writing, the NSA has worked its way into around 100,000 personal computers and mobile devices around the world, a far cry from the 50,000 we initially reported on just a few short months ago. Dubbed “Quantum“, the program lays out an intricate map of each infected machine, which networks it’s connected to, […]

US Court Rules to Extend Phone Record Collections

Today, FISA revealed they have once again unanimously passed the actions and operations of the NSA and its affiliated agencies as constitutional and 100% above board. Over the past 7 years, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court has approved 36 separate instances that put the lawfulness of the program into question, and so far not once […]

OpenSSL Safe From NSA’s Grubby Mitts

Fear not, faithful privacy warriors, your secret’s safe with OpenSSL. Due to an accidental bug in the programming, OpenSSL does not rely on the same flawed random number generator Dual EC DRBG that the NSA and its intelligence counterparts had already cracked for a good ten years running now. Yesterday Steve Marquess of the OpenSSL Software […]

The NSA Records Up to Five Billion Cell Phone Locations Per Day

I’m not even sure I can be surprised at this point. Nothing shocks me anymore. I guess this is the desensitization we must come to terms with in a post-Snowden world. Earlier this morning, the Washington Post published a series of classified NSA documents and PowerPoint slides which suggest the agency has been tracking, downloading, […]