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Microsoft to Introduce Encryption for Office 365

Microsoft is to start rolling out encrypted storage for Office 365 in July, according to reports coming out of today’s TechEd North America conference. Now each file stored in OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online will be encrypted with “advanced encryption technology”. Check out what Microsoft had to say: We’ve continued to make investments in […]


Xbox Live Password Vulnerability Found By 5 Year Old

What do you do when a five year old finds a security loophole in a network containing well over 50 million users? That’s the question that Microsoft was faced with last month. The World’s Most Basic Password Vulnerability The five year old boy, Kristoffer, discovered what may be the most basic password vulnerability yet. It’s […]

Microsoft Changing its Adware Blocking Defaults

Microsoft is making some changes to its security products where adware is blocked by default. The changes will come into effect on July 1. Under the new rules, Microsoft has set out a new criteria for what constitutes as adware and if a program meets that criteria, it will be blocked. “We only consider classifying […]

Microsoft Calls Government Cooperation “Economic Suicide”

This year’s RSA conference has already stirred up a whirlwind of controversy, from the developers leaving to set up their own convention across the street, to CEOs going totally off-script, and now Microsoft’s VP of the Trustworthy Computing Group Scott Charney brazenly taking the stage to deny any and all accusations of cooperation with the […]