New Android Malware Turns Security Features Against Itself

Symantec has discovered a new line of Android malware infections that turn the operating system’s own services against itself. “Android.Spywaller” poses as a legitimate Google Service designed to protect users via firewall to attack a user’s phone, rooting it from the inside out and installing a number of standard tracking packages including keyloggers and screen-grabbers.

Malware at George Mason University Hits Over 4,000

George Mason University in Virginia has revealed that a malware intrusion on its travel subsidy website has affected 4,400 students and staff. The university alerted those affected via letter and stated that the intrusion was detected on July 16. It believes no data was stolen but the Travel Request Service, which was accessed, contained names Read More

Symantec Outlines Risks in VME Malware Analysis

Symantec has released a Security Response white paper this week titled Threats to virtual environments, which outlines the various risks associated with malware analysis in a virtual machine environment (VME). Symantec provides different attack scenarios, the methodology by which malware can infect host systems, and suggestions for best practices. Photo: Giphy This paper was written Read More

NSA Denies Scope of TURBINE in First Official Response to Snowden Leaks

In a stunning turnaround on public relations policy, the NSA has come forward to categorically deny allegations first brought against them by leaks of the now declassified TURBINE program, a mass malware mailer revealed to the press by none other than Edward Snowden earlier this week. The denial of these accusations is the first time Read More

Microsoft Remotely Deletes Tor From Two Million Machines

It has been revealed that Microsoft has taken several significant steps in order to end the spread of a malicious botnet that was automatically installing itself on users machines who were running a version of the Windows OS. The Sefnit bot, which first reared its ugly head back in 2011, resurfaced on the wires sometime Read More

BolehVPN Speed Test

These tests were done on a 102.11bg Wireless connection, using a TP-Link FFC875 router. Our base connection was through Comcast Cable Communications,  routed via the OpenVPN TCP/PPTP protocol, using a server located in Berkeley, California. BolehVPN has a long held reputation as one of the safest and most secure options available, with dozens of different ways Read More