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Arizona Judge Says Police Don’t Have to Reveal Stingray Details

A reporter in Tuscon, Arizona has been denied access to public records related to the use of stingrays, also known as cellphone trackers, under Arizona’s public records act. In a ruling, a local judge said it would not be in the ‘best interests of the state’ to disclose the training manuals and related material from […]


4 Sony Films Leak on Torrent Sites Following GOP Hack

Sony’s woes continue with a number of unreleased films emerging on torrent sites following the hacking attack from “GOP” that knocked the whole company offline. GOP has contacted a number of media outlets (as has become their habit now) to spread the word. Engadget received word from the “boss of G.O.P.” claiming that it was […]

Baltimore Detective Declines to Reveal Phone Tracking Methods

This week a Baltimore city police detective declined to tell a defense attorney how the police tracked a defendant in a Baltimore Circuit Court robbery trial. A local judge threatened to hold the detective in contempt of court for declining to reveal the methods used to locate the robbery suspect’s phone. Instead, the detective decided […]

FBI Worked With Lithuania in Silk Road 2.0 Operation

Following last week’s raid of Silk Road 2.0, The Daily Dot reports that the illicit market’s servers were hosted in Lithuania, according to a local news report. The Lrytas site (page in Lithuanian) reports that Lithuania’s law enforcement agencies assisted the FBI in the operation, which saw a Bureau agent undercover on the second incarnation […]

Man Arrested for Stealing American Express Details

A man has been arrested for allegedly stealing sensitive card details from American Express customers, according to a letter the company has sent out to customers. The letter, which is addressed to those affected, details an ongoing investigation from law enforcement that led the authorities to one man who is believed to have been stealing […]

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850K Compromised at Oregon Employment Department

The Oregon Employment Department is notifying over 850,000 people regarding a system vulnerability that may have compromised their information. The department received a tip that its WorkSource Oregon Management Information System (WOMIS) was vulnerable and took the system offline last week. Names, addresses, dates of birth and Social Security numbers are among the details believed […]