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IPVanish Network Reaches 25K IP Addresses

IPVanish has announced that its VPN network has now grown to over 25,000 anonymous IP addresses globally, doubling its previous count of 14,000 IPs. The VPN provider’s network now stands at 165 servers in 60 countries. “IPVanish consistently tests as the fastest and most reliable service globally while maintaining industry-best security and privacy protection standards,” […]

HideMyAss Adds New Servers in Several Countries

HideMyAss has expanded its VPN server count again this week, adding 26 new servers and 4,624 IP addresses with new several new countries added. The VPN provider now adds Bosnia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Albania, Brunei, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, and Jamaica to its server offerings. Check out the full list of new servers here. This week […]

Super Bowl WiFi Credentials Broadcast During Pregame Show

If you’re like the millions of people in America who watched the Seahawks walk all over Peyton Manning’s chances for a pay bump next year, you might have accidentally figured out how to log in to the stadium’s internal Wi-Fi network. Normally these systems are reserved for those working on the broadcast, namely various defensive […]

ibVPN Upgrades Its VPN Package

IbVPN announced major updates to their VPN packages. What makes this version of the Ultimate package better than the last? Well, besides the extra IP addresses, remote assistance capabilities, and proxy server access, now you can connect to the service on up to two separate devices simultaneously without getting kicked off! Other features of the […]

Sony Changes TOS for PS4 on Launch Day, Records User Info

Although the majority of our stories here at VPNCreative revolve around keeping you safe on your desktop, laptops, tablets and phones, they aren’t the only devices you need to lock down in these trying and uncertain times of modern mass surveillance. Just hours after launching the PS4 to millions of eager customers worldwide, Sony has […]