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10 Reasons Why You Need to Hide Your IP Online Right Now

Privacy was never going to be a major concern in the digital world not until more people started browsing the web more often than not. But it is now high time to face the facts about our digital activities – you need protection otherwise you will fall prey to cyber attacks. The moment you connect Read More

Hide IP Address with a VPN to Keep Your True Identity Safe

One of the many reasons why the internet is being censored is because there is just too much information available right now. People can basically access any information they want merely by browsing the internet. And the governments do not like that. Thus, it is doing everything in its power to limit the information that Read More

Massive WebRTC Flaw Hits VPN Services

If you use any of the major VPN services out there, your IP address information could have been put at risk due to a new flaw that’s been discovered in the WebRTC communication protocol. The problem appears when protected information is passed through popular browsers such as Firefox or Chrome. Thankfully, it’s because the flaw Read More

VPN News

IPVanish Updates Windows Software & Fixes Bugs

IPVanish has come out with an update to their windows terminal and the latest iteration v1.3.1.11 has addressed some of the issues faced by IPVanish users. With this update, IPVanish hopes to fix some known bugs and streamline the entire process of VPN connection for their users. Here is a breakdown of the updates implemented Read More