7 Smartphone Tips Every Traveler Needs To Know

Our smartphones are getting ever more sophisticated. Equipped with a smartphone, traveling becomes easier and less bumpier. Apps are at the tip off our fingers, helping us create a memorable traveling experience. Maps, guides, translators and event trackers are a few of the available features in the App stores. So why not take advantage of Read More

How to Backup your Computer (MacOS & iOS Edition)

In this article we will show you how to backup your computer. A proper backup strategy is an important part of your security strategy. Here at VPN Creative we usually talk mostly about how to mitigate risks related to online security and Internet privacy. However, if you fall prey to hackers, virus, or force majeure, Read More

Lookout’s State of iOS Security

There is a much more level playing field for malware on iOS now compared to Android, according to Lookout Security, who says that iOS malware currently looks a lot like Android malware in 2010. With its newest infographic below Lookout attempts to dispel some myths around the existence of dangerous malware in the App Store. Read More

VPN Issues Arise in iOS 8

We all know that iOS 8 by Apple is finally out, and it’s a great update. However, there are many users who have been having problems connecting to VPN services. As soon as they try to connect, they are prompted for a password even though it had been saved in a previous app install. Then Read More

Apple Unaffected By Heartbleed, Says Company

Apple has released an official statement to Re/Code to tell users that its services have not been affected by Heartbleed. This means iOS, OSX, and other “key Web-based services” are safe from the now infamous security flaw that has drawn serious attention to how Internet companies protect their systems. The Re/Code statement reads: “Apple takes Read More

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