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The European Commission Wants to Do Away With Geo Blocks

The European Commission is considering a formal competition inquiry into geo-blocking in Europe that would make services like Netflix accessible regardless of country. Margrethe Vestager, European Competition Commissioner, said that it was not acceptable that European customers cannot access the content they are already paying for when they visit other countries. This goes against the […]


Popular Tor Router Raided by Local Authorities

According to new reports, authorities have raided another corner of the Tor network. Sometime last week, privacy advocate and node operator Thomas White took to his Twitter account to warn his loyal followers that his exit relay on the anonymizing router network Tor had been infiltrated and taken down by an unknown group of law […]

Hewlett Foundation Grants $45m to Security Research

The Hewlett Foundation is to pump $45m into cyber security research at three major universities – MIT, Stanford, and UC Buckley. The grant is aimed at establishing new major academic research centers. Hewlett is hoping to create a “marketplace for ideas” by addressing the growing issues surrounding online security globally. Each university is receiving $15m. […]

EFF Appoints New Executive Director

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), a non-profit for Internet freedom, has named Cindy Cohn as its new executive director who will take up the post in April, leaving her role as legal director. Cohn will replace Shari Steele, who has been with the EFF for over 20 years. Intellectual property director Corynne McSherry will take […]

chris grayling

UK to Expand Trolling Sentences to 2 Years

The UK is set to ramp up punishment for online trolling, setting sentences of up to two years for those charged. Previously it was six months. Chris Grayling, UK Justice Secretary, said the strengthening of the law was necessary to offset malicious communications and threats online “This is a law to combat cruelty — and […]

VPN Providers Release ShellShock Updates

A number of VPN providers have posted updates regarding their services pertaining to ShellShock, the Bash vulnerability that has the security community on their toes this week. Viking VPN has announced that it has completed emergency patching on its services. “All VikingVPN services are now hardened against the attack,” writes Derek Zimmer on the VPN […]


UK Police Sanctioned Over Social Media Misuse

Hundreds of UK police and officers have been investigated for making threatening and racist comments on Twitter and Facebook, as well as friend-requesting crime victims and posting ‘compromising’ images of colleagues, according to the figures released under the Freedom of Information Act. The news comes from documents obtained by the Press Association that shows responses […]

After Twitter Ban, The Islamic States Moves Over to Diaspora

The extreme jihadist group Islamic State (IS) has been using social media, mostly Twitter, to spread its message to outside world, using multiple accounts of its members. Twitter has been coming down hard on these accounts and IS has sought a new platform – Diaspora. Twitter’s clampdown reached its peak last week as international criticism […]


Symantec Combines All Norton Services

Symantec is completely overhauling its anti-virus products range by wiping out a number of services in favor of one unified product due for release in September. The new service, known simply as Norton Security, will combine the features of Norton Anti-Virus and Norton Internet Security into one interface. Symantec says it is taking a few […]

nicole wong

US Privacy Official Leaves the White House

The White House’s first privacy-focused official, deputy CTO Nicole Wong, has left her position with little explanation after just over a year. Wong previously held positions such as director of legal products at Twitter and deputy general counsel at Google, the latter of which involved making calls on censoring certain content on YouTube and in […]


New Law in Ukraine Would Curb Internet Freedom

The Ukrainian government has passed the first draft of new legislation that could seriously curb Internet freedom and media in the country, says Reporters Without Borders. The proposed law would allow Verkhovna Rada officials to block websites and close down media companies without a court order. Parliament approved the first reading on Tuesday with a […]

New “No-Install” Malware Plagues Windows Machines

Late last week, researcher Paul Rascagneres announced the discovery of a new strain of Windows malware in his blog on GData.com, one which requires no installation on behalf of the user, and can operate entirely out of the registry while avoiding detection by many of the most popular anti-virus programs on the market today. Downloaded […]