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6 Tips to Enhance your Online and Data Security When Traveling

Being on vacation is the best experience a human being can have; especially when you wait a whole year for a two or three-week period free of work, or if you have been planning your journey for so long that you made reservations with anticipation of three months or so. But you must stay proactive to Read More

Internet Users to Hit 3 Billion by End of 2014 says UN

The United Nations has published a new statement that says the number of Internet users worldwide will hit three billion by the end of 2014 with two thirds from the developing world. The report also notes the staggering growth of mobile users. The findings on information and communication technologies (ICT) show a growing demand for Read More Tells Users To Change Passwords

Have you had your Heartbleed news fill yet? Well, has put up an official notice tell users that after an administration-wide review of the site, all users should change their passwords. Though with Heartbleed all over tech news this last while, changing passwords should be a top a priority anyway. Read the official statement Read More

Who’s Patched Heartbleed & Who Hasn’t

Internet security company Securi has conducted a study of thousands of sites to see who has patched their vulnerabilities to Heartbleed and who hasn’t. By checking the Alexa ranking of websites, Securi found that pretty much all major websites had, by now, patched their sites but there are still plenty of sites within the top Read More


Symantec: 552 Million IDs Compromised Last Year

Symantec has published its latest Internet Security Threat Report. Now in its 19th volume, the hefty 98 page report (PDF) reveals that 552 million identities were potentially compromised in 2013 as a result of breaches. Symantec goes on to claim that hackers are not working on a whim as you may expect and are spending Read More

The Race to Quantum Encryption

As the NSA continues its inevitable march towards total information domination, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the number of years we left have before standard encryption methods can’t keep up is getting smaller by the minute. That’s where quantum key distribution comes in, or QKD for short. QKD is a brand new method of employing Read More