‘Tunneling’ Your Way Through The Bad Side of the Internet

Most virtual private networks use ‘tunneling’ to create a secure private network across the Internet. To put it simply, a tunnel is the link between two places. It is actually a shortcut that connects two servers on the Internet. Consider this situation. Your company has branches in different cities. Sending your business data from one Read More


The Guardian Releases SecureDrop System for Whistle-blowers

It’s been one year since Edward Snowden leaked the trove of information from the NSA that revealed the mass surveillance of the agency. The Guardian, one of the paper’s who received the leaks, has now released its own SecureDrop system for whistle-blowers to anonymously submit documents and information, much like WikiLeaks. “The platform is designed Read More

Snowden Questions Putin on Live TV on Surveillance

Edward Snowden surprised many today by appearing via video link on a live broadcast on Russia’s state TV channel RT while President was also on air. With the forum in front of him, Snowden straight up asked Putin if Russia has its own NSA-like surveillance system in place. Our intelligence efforts are strictly regulated by Read More

NSA’s TURBINE Pumped Malware Into Millions of Machines at Once

As if his US-policy damning appearance at SXSW earlier this week wasn’t enough, today Edward Snowden released a new set of documents detailing the NSA program known only as “TURBINE”, a system designed to distribute malware en masse to as many machines as possible within the shortest amount of time allotted. Published this time around Read More

NSA and GCHQ Ran Programs to Actively Spy on WikiLeaks

New “top-secret” documents from the NSA and GCHQ reveal that the agencies carried out spying tactics on WikiLeaks and Julian Assange in a bid to find out just how much he knows. The surveillance operations, revealed in documents leaked by Snowden, also monitored people visiting the WikiLeaks site. The release suggests that not only were Read More