New Zealand ISP Offers Its Own Built-In VPN

In a bid to differentiate itself from the competition, an ISP in New Zealand has begun offering its own built-in VPN function to access services like Netflix. The ISP Slingshot isn’t calling its anti-geoblocking feature a VPN though, rather going with the name Global Mode. Netflix hasn’t launched in New Zealand so the new service Read More

Hulu To Offer Free Streaming Services to Mobile Devices

Last April, Hulu CEO Mike Hopkins announced the company’s plan for letting everyone watch some of the TV shows from its massive video library via mobile platforms. Previously, in order to watch TV shows on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, viewers needed to sign up for a premium account first; Hulu Plus costs Read More

Access Restricted Websites Using an IP Address Provided by a VPN Service

There are so many advantages of using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) services and one of them is hiding your real IP address. You can keep your real IP address unknown by virtually masking your IP address representing a different country or location. With a VPN service, you can enjoy secured web surfing. You can Read More