Community Health Systems Hit With Lawsuit Over Breach

Community Health Systems is facing a lawsuit in Alabama over its recent data breach that compromised the details of 4.5 million patients across dozens of hospital. Five people in Alabama are filing a federal class action against the hospital group, which operates 11 hospitals in Alabama. AL.com reports that the lawsuit was filed on August Read More

Heartbleed Found in Vital SCADA Architecture

In yet more news out of the already ravaged Heartbleed front, Siemens has released a series of patches for vital SCADA hardware including pieces installed at major nuclear facilities and hydroelectric dams. This just goes to show that even if you establish a massive, dragnet-style machine to suck up every bit of data that comes Read More


Open Source Projects Receive Funding Boost

Members of the Linux Foundation have announced a fresh pledge of just under $4 million to the OpenSSL encryption standard along with several other notable open source programs, far exceeding its previous budget in an effort to shore up defenses from another attack like the massive Heartbleed bug which sent shockwaves through the security community Read More

Healthcare.gov Tells Users To Change Passwords

Have you had your Heartbleed news fill yet? Well, Healthcare.gov has put up an official notice tell users that after an administration-wide review of the site, all users should change their passwords. Though with Heartbleed all over tech news this last while, changing passwords should be a top a priority anyway. Read the official statement Read More

Who’s Patched Heartbleed & Who Hasn’t

Internet security company Securi has conducted a study of thousands of sites to see who has patched their vulnerabilities to Heartbleed and who hasn’t. By checking the Alexa ranking of websites, Securi found that pretty much all major websites had, by now, patched their sites but there are still plenty of sites within the top Read More

Tor Loses Chunk of Capacity to Heartbleed

Turns out not even one of the most secure transfer protocols on the planet Tor is safe from the all-encompassing wrath of Heartbleed. Cracking connections in the last place you’d expect, today one of Tor’s three original developers wrote on the Tor mailing list that the relay network could lose up to 12 percent of Read More

Heartbleed Will Affect Internet Speeds

Security analysts at Netcraft are warning Internet users that they should expect slower speeds in the coming weeks as more and more websites attempt to patch the horrific Heartbleed error. BBC News spoke with Paul Mutton of Netcraft who said that while major sites like Facebook had patched their holes, countless vulnerabilities still exist in Read More


Obama Okays NSA Zero-Day Policy

President Obama has announced that his administration would now require the NSA to publish any unknown zero-day viruses, malware, backdoors, and exploits they discover in the interest of national security. Under one condition… Of course, that condition is about as flexible, stetchable, and malleable as it could possibly be, only requiring the NSA to provide Read More

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