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How to stay safe in an internet-connected car

Imagine driving in an internet-connected car whilst a hacker takes over control of it. Not a pleasant thought. While a hacked internet-connected refrigerator might render sour milk, cars represent a serious threat to your health. Recently, a group of young, Chinese hackers showed a proof-of-concept how they took remotely control of a Tesla on a […]

Turla Malware Targets Universities, Military & Intelligence Linux Machines

According to recently revealed research from the security scientists at Kaspersky Lab, a new form of Linux malware has been discovered, dubbed Turla, which closely mimics many of the same core functions as the the open source operating system in order to stay stealthy and avoid persistent forms of detection. The Turla malware is a […]

Lizard Squad Takes Credit for PlayStation Network Outage

Sony’s PlayStation Network went offline earlier today with hacking group Lizard Squad taking credit for the DDOS attack. The group has a history of targeting gaming networks. Initial reports speculated that the network’s issues may be tied to the GOP hacking that has crippled Sony of late but the hacking group happily took credit for […]


4 Sony Films Leak on Torrent Sites Following GOP Hack

Sony’s woes continue with a number of unreleased films emerging on torrent sites following the hacking attack from “GOP” that knocked the whole company offline. GOP has contacted a number of media outlets (as has become their habit now) to spread the word. Engadget received word from the “boss of G.O.P.” claiming that it was […]

Pakistani Hackers Allegedly Deface Official Indian Sites

A team of Pakistani hackers have allegedly hacked and defaced the websites of Indian regional governments with offensive remarks on Indian PM Narendra Modi. Of the websites defaced were two governmental portals for the Gujarat state – Commissionerate of Higher Education and the Agricultural Produce Market Committee of Ahmedabad (APMC). The sites were also posted […]

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North Korea Denies Phone Hacking Allegations

North Korean authorities have denied allegations that it sponsored smartphone hacking attempts on South Korea, following reports last week. South Korea’s NIS news agency reported that North Korean hackers had loaded mobile games with malware that were then downloaded by up to 20,000 Southerners to spy on the action of their inimical neighbors. However, this […]


Shadowcrew Vendor Jailed for 30 Months After Decade on the Run

A Bulgarian national has been sentenced to 30 months in prison by a New Jersey court for his role in Shadowcrew, a former cybercrime forum that bought and sold stolen credit card details. Aleksi Kolarov (32) had been on the run for nearly ten years but pleaded guilty to the charges against him, including identity […]

Two More Talks Cancelled at Black Hat

Two more talks have been pulled from the Black Hat conference, which kicks off tomorrow in Las Vegas, following the cancellation of the notorious hacking Tor panel a few weeks ago. One talk relates to hacking into home alarm systems while the other concerns “Snake”, a Russian espionage campaign, according to Reuters. Black Hat has […]

New “No-Install” Malware Plagues Windows Machines

Late last week, researcher Paul Rascagneres announced the discovery of a new strain of Windows malware in his blog on GData.com, one which requires no installation on behalf of the user, and can operate entirely out of the registry while avoiding detection by many of the most popular anti-virus programs on the market today. Downloaded […]

Tokyo Police Launch Formal Mt. Gox Investigation Over Missing Bitcoin

We’ve covered the embattled bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox in the past and the infamous missing coins but now the Tokyo Metropolitan Police have launched an official investigation into the incident several months later. Alleged hacking attacks in February led to the exchange, headed up by chief executive Mark Karpeles, losing 850,000 bitcoins valued at around […]

iPhone Ransomware Hackers Arrested in Russia

Two young iPhone hackers have been arrested and detained in Russia for hacking devices and demanding ransoms to unlock them for the user. The alleged ransomware culprits were arrested in Moscow and authorities claim the two have confessed to the crimes after their apartment was searched, retrieving computers and SIMs. 23-year-old “Ivan” was named by […]

UK Law Proposal Would Sentence Hackers to Life

New sentencing laws proposed in the UK would see serious hackers sentenced to life in prison, in an update to the Computer Misuse Act 1990. The proposal, which was included in yesterday’s Queen’s speech, pertains to “cyberattacks which result in loss of life, serious illness or injury or serious damage to national security, or a […]