Pakistani Hackers Allegedly Deface Official Indian Sites

A team of Pakistani hackers have allegedly hacked and defaced the websites of Indian regional governments with offensive remarks on Indian PM Narendra Modi. Of the websites defaced were two governmental portals for the Gujarat state – Commissionerate of Higher Education and the Agricultural Produce Market Committee of Ahmedabad (APMC). The sites were also posted Read More

north korea

North Korea Denies Phone Hacking Allegations

North Korean authorities have denied allegations that it sponsored smartphone hacking attempts on South Korea, following reports last week. South Korea’s NIS news agency reported that North Korean hackers had loaded mobile games with malware that were then downloaded by up to 20,000 Southerners to spy on the action of their inimical neighbors. However, this Read More

white house

Russian Hackers Allegedly Breach White House Computers

Hackers working for the Russian government have been accused of breaching White House computers, according to the Washington Post. Speaking on the condition of anonymity, a number of sources told the Post that several services were disrupted by the breach, which occurred two to three weeks ago. “In the course of assessing recent threats, we Read More


Russian ‘Sandworm’ Virus Discovered, NATO Targeted

Researchers from the security firm iSight have announced their discovery of a new zero-day exploit, Sandworm, that had “wormed” its way into the networks of several major government organizations including NATO and Ukranian institutions. Because of the specific nature of the targets listed, iSight was quick to pick up a trail on the culprits, all Read More

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