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More Details Leaked from Sony, Hackers Make New Demands

Things are going from bad to worse for Sony as the latest incident in the company’s massive hack has seen the aliases of celebrities leaked as well as additional information on thousands of ex-employees. The latest cache contained a number of documents that listed the various aliases that several actors use to avoid being detected […]

Fox IT

23,000 Websites at Risk of Backdoor CryptoPHP Threat

Just before everyone headed home for Thanksgiving break last week, researchers at the Netherlands-based digital forensics lab Fox IT posted a whitepaper which detailed the results of their investigation into a bug that could affect over 23,000 websites that use the WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal publication platforms to host their own content. Called CryptoPHP (due […]


Symantec Reports a Rise in Regin Detection Rate

On Sunday evening, the anti-virus team at Symantec posted on their blog about the Regin espionage tool, a piece of surveillance software that comes with its own toolkit of tricks, which has been making the rounds on the Internet, undetected, since early 2008. The team goes into intricate detail about Regin’s capabilities in their latest […]

BadUSB Source Code Published on Github

Back in August of this year, we wrote about a new form of malware called BadUSB, which was capable of infecting billions of devices currently in operation around the globe, everything from mice to keyboard, and even simple flash-based thumb drives. The flaw was originally discovered by researchers at Security Research Labs in Berlin, which […]

Online Dating Scam Pulls Over $1 Million out of Elderly Singles

A new scam on several popular dating sites has been brought to light when a new case was presented in the District Court of Maryland, indicting several members of an underground ring that would scam older women out of their money through promises of gold, jewels, and perhaps most heart-breaking of all…love. The hacker behind […]

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Researchers Show How to Steal Encryption Keys Through Touch

A new version of safecracking may enable hackers to crack computer security by simply touching computing devices. Computer security experts at Tel Aviv University, Itamar Pipman, Eran Tromer, and Daniel Genkin, conducted research entitled ‘Get Your Hands Off My Laptop’, which reveals a simple electrical trick is enough for a sophisticated hacker to gain access […]

173 Million Taxi Records Lost in Massive Location Data Heist

It has been revealed that employees of the New York records system accidentally released the details of 173 million routes within the city, handing over the data to a software developer named Vijay Pandurangan. City officials released the information in response to a public records request and specifically obscured the drivers’ license and medallion numbers. […]

Macbook Camera Faces Remote Threat

Big Brother is watching you…literally. Today it was reported by SlashGear that the perpetrator of one of the first sextortion cases in history was apprehended in California. By utilizing the iSight camera on a Macbook Pro, Jared Abraham was able to secretly record and archive pictures and videos of one of the most sought after women […]