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How to stay safe in an internet-connected car

Imagine driving in an internet-connected car whilst a hacker takes over control of it. Not a pleasant thought. While a hacked internet-connected refrigerator might render sour milk, cars represent a serious threat to your health. Recently, a group of young, Chinese hackers showed a proof-of-concept how they took remotely control of a Tesla on a […]

charlie hebdo

Charlie Hebdo Attacks Raises Internet Surveillance Concerns

Following last week’s terrorists in Paris and yesterday’s solidarity march, several EU ministers have proposed new Internet censorship and surveillance tactics. The statement issued on Sunday said the world’s leaders must fight radicalism “notably on the Internet”. The statement goes on to say: “and on the strengthening of resources to thwart the action of the […]

South Korean Nuclear Reactor Computer Systems Hacked

South Korea has admitted that the computer systems at some of its nuclear reactors have been hacked. This has raised serious concerns about the safety and integrity of its nuclear facilities, especially since the country is technically at war with North Korea. Last week, documents and manuals about equipment used by South Korea’s nuclear plant […]

More Details Leaked from Sony, Hackers Make New Demands

Things are going from bad to worse for Sony as the latest incident in the company’s massive hack has seen the aliases of celebrities leaked as well as additional information on thousands of ex-employees. The latest cache contained a number of documents that listed the various aliases that several actors use to avoid being detected […]


4 Sony Films Leak on Torrent Sites Following GOP Hack

Sony’s woes continue with a number of unreleased films emerging on torrent sites following the hacking attack from “GOP” that knocked the whole company offline. GOP has contacted a number of media outlets (as has become their habit now) to spread the word. Engadget received word from the “boss of G.O.P.” claiming that it was […]

Sony Pictures Hacked & Blackmailed by Mysterious GOP

Since Monday morning, all of the servers and employee desktops at Sony Pictures have been in complete lock down, commandeered by a hacker (or group of hackers) going by the name “#GOP”. According to sources from Variety who work at Sony, their entire network has been “paralyzed”, and was “down for the whole day” at […]


UK Police Exploits Loopholes in Law to Hack Mobile Phones

Police forces in the UK are accessing people’s mobile call records without their knowledge or consent, The Times has reported. Police are exploiting loopholes in Britain’s surveillance laws to access people’s texts, voicemails, and emails. The report claims that British police can access communication information stored on a mobile device without a warrant, instead only […]

Dropbox Passwords Posted Online, Company Denies Hack

Dropbox has denied reports that it was hacked after hundreds of usernames and passwords were posted online. The company posted on its blog yesterday that it has not been hacked following initial reports over the weekend and has since offered an update this morning. “A subsequent list of usernames and passwords has been posted online. […]

traffic lights

Traffic Lights Hacked Through An Old Laptop

Through an old laptop, security researchers at University of Michigan have hacked 100 wirelessly networked traffic lights and changed their state on command. You’ve seen traffic lights hacked in games and movies, but now security researchers have hacked them in real life and reveal it’s pretty easy to do; only a laptop and wireless card […]

173 Million Taxi Records Lost in Massive Location Data Heist

It has been revealed that employees of the New York records system accidentally released the details of 173 million routes within the city, handing over the data to a software developer named Vijay Pandurangan. City officials released the information in response to a public records request and specifically obscured the drivers’ license and medallion numbers. […]