How to stay safe in an internet-connected car

Imagine driving in an internet-connected car whilst a hacker takes over control of it. Not a pleasant thought. While a hacked internet-connected refrigerator might render sour milk, cars represent a serious threat to your health. Recently, a group of young, Chinese hackers showed a proof-of-concept how they took remotely control of a Tesla on a Read More

Sony Pictures Hacked & Blackmailed by Mysterious GOP

Since Monday morning, all of the servers and employee desktops at Sony Pictures have been in complete lock down, commandeered by a hacker (or group of hackers) going by the name “#GOP”. According to sources from Variety who work at Sony, their entire network has been “paralyzed”, and was “down for the whole day” at Read More


UK Police Exploits Loopholes in Law to Hack Mobile Phones

Police forces in the UK are accessing people’s mobile call records without their knowledge or consent, The Times has reported. Police are exploiting loopholes in Britain’s surveillance laws to access people’s texts, voicemails, and emails. The report claims that British police can access communication information stored on a mobile device without a warrant, instead only Read More

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