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Study Claims 20 Million VPN Users in China on Netflix

Netflix has more than 20 million users in China that are accessing the service through VPNs, according to a new study from British digital research firm GlobalWebIndex. The researchers noted VPN activity in accessing Netflix in several countries across the world, including countries where Netflix has launched but the catalog is lacking. As for countries […]

Politician Calls on Sweden to Grant Asylum to Snowden

Edward Snowden should be granted asylum in Sweden says one Swedish politician, who has criticized other EU countries for not doing so. Valter Mutt, foreign affairs spokesperson for Sweden’s Green Party, commended Snowden as a “hero” in a Swedish TV interview and said that it was a disgrace that no EU country would offer asylum. […]


Sony & Microsoft Deny DerpTrolling Hack’s Validity

Over the weekend it was reported that Playstation Network and Windows Live was hacked by “DerpTrolling” but both Sony and Microsoft have come out to confirm that the hack was a hoax. The Guardian reports that DerpTrolling’s claim to hacking and retrieving seven million user accounts’ details is not supported with any evidence. “We have […]


Pirate Bay Co-Founder Arrested in Thailand

Fresh off the heels of Gottfrid Svartholm’s sentencing in Copenhagen, his Pirate Bay co-founder Hans Fredrik Lennart Neij (aka TiAMO) was arrested by Interpol on the Laos/Thailand border. The arrest was made on Monday, according to The Guardian. Neij (36) had been on the run since 2009 after he and his cohorts were found guilty […]

BBC Will Publish List of Right to be Forgotten Removals

The BBC is to publish a public list of its articles that have been removed from Google search results under Europe’s right to be forgotten ruling. The BBC and the Guardian have been very critical of the ruling, often publishing the details of a removal request once it has been brought to their attention by […]

Snowden Joining Guardian Event Via Satellite This Weekend

Edward Snowden will be making his first UK ‘appearance’ this weekend at The Guardian’s Observer Ideas event via video link to discuss his role as a whistleblower and NSA surveillance. Snowden, who is still cooped away in Moscow, will join the attendees at London’s Barbican Theater with Observer tech columnist and professor of public understanding […]

Snowden Could Testify in Switzerland

Edward Snowden could very well be heading to Switzerland if new reports are to be believed, which suggests the NSA whistleblower could testify in the country without fear of extradition. Snowden could be granted asylum in the country to testify against the NSA for spying on Switzerland. Swiss newspaper Le Matin Dimanche reported over the […]

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Google Lawyer Takes Aim at Right to be Forgotten

Google has further criticized the EU’s Right to be Forgotten ruling. This time it’s the company’s chief legal officer that has taken aim at the situation. Lawyer, David Drummond wrote in an op-ed in The Guardian that he was siding with the newspaper’s concerns over the removal of news stories, which The Guardian had criticized […]


Facebook Defends ‘Emotional Contagion’ Study

Over the weekend we examined the recent “mood experiment” conducted by Facebook in which users’ news feed were altered to show either positive or negative comments only. This was to investigate “emotional contagion” and to see if social media could influence our own emotional thoughts. The controversial and largely unethical study was published in the […]


The Guardian Releases SecureDrop System for Whistle-blowers

It’s been one year since Edward Snowden leaked the trove of information from the NSA that revealed the mass surveillance of the agency. The Guardian, one of the paper’s who received the leaks, has now released its own SecureDrop system for whistle-blowers to anonymously submit documents and information, much like WikiLeaks. “The platform is designed […]

US Military Database in South Korea Breached

US military databases in South Korea have been hit by a cyber-attack according to officials, compromising about 16,000 current and former Korean national employees of the US military. Names, contacts, and work history of employees were accessed as well as the information of people that sought work in these Korean-based operations. General Curtis M Scaparrotti […]

UK Law Proposal Would Sentence Hackers to Life

New sentencing laws proposed in the UK would see serious hackers sentenced to life in prison, in an update to the Computer Misuse Act 1990. The proposal, which was included in yesterday’s Queen’s speech, pertains to “cyberattacks which result in loss of life, serious illness or injury or serious damage to national security, or a […]