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SoakSoak Malware Forces Google to Blacklist 11K WordPress Sites

Google has blacklisted over 11,000 WordPress based websites that were infected by a Russian malware named SoakSoak, which redirects users to shady links that download harmful payloads to their systems. WordPress is among the most popular CMS (content management systems), which is used to run more than 70 million sites on the web. This makes […]

Google Pressed to Expand ‘Right to be Forgotten’ Globally

Google is under pressure to bring its search empire under the scope of the right to be forgotten ruling beyond Europe and to its Google.com domain. The right to be forgotten law allows people to request Google to stop showing links to unwanted or irrelevant content in their search results. However, currently this ruling only […]


Pen Tester Finds Vulnerability In Accessing Voicemail Accounts

Shubham Shah, a Sydney-based penetration tester, has urged European and US researchers to probe the security of their telcos’ voicemail systems after he discovered vulnerabilities in accounts held by Optus and Vodafone. These companies were vulnerable as flaws in design meant both of them did not limit the number of password guessing attempts in visual […]

BBC Will Publish List of Right to be Forgotten Removals

The BBC is to publish a public list of its articles that have been removed from Google search results under Europe’s right to be forgotten ruling. The BBC and the Guardian have been very critical of the ruling, often publishing the details of a removal request once it has been brought to their attention by […]

Google Discovers a Vulnerability in SSL 3.0, Dubbed “Poodle”

This Tuesday, Google announced they had discovered a major vulnerability in the SSL 3.0 protocol. They haven’t released any further details on the scope of the problem or the exact systems it could potentially affect, but stay tuned to VPN Creative for all the latest news as it develops. UPDATE: Google has officially released their […]

Blackphone Makers Working on a Tablet

Silent Circle, the company behind the privacy-focused Blackphone, will next release an encrypted tablet. TechRadar reports that Silent Circle and its partners Geeksphone will develop a new security and privacy-driven tablet device. “This isn’t our last phone and we’re going to do a tablet. There are a lot of enhancements that we need to do,” […]

Google Threatened With Lawsuit Over Nude Celebrity Pics

Google could be facing a hefty $100 million lawsuit over failing to remove links to nude celebrity photos leaked through iCloud. Lawyer Marty Singer is representing over a dozen celebrities, according to Hollywood Reporter, and has sent a scathing letter to Google over failing to remove the sensitive content from platforms like YouTube and Blogger. […]

No Heartbleed Attacks Before Disclosure, Says Report

This week, researchers from the University of Illinois, Cal Berkeley, Purdue, and the International Computer Science Institute revealed a new report, which alleges that a large majority of the attacks for Heartbleed didn’t take place until after the bug’s public disclosure back in April of this year. Because the SSL vulnerability was only previously known […]


Google Receives 1 Million Takedown Requests a Day

Google’s has received a record setting number of DMCA link removal requests of late, hitting 7.3 million requests in one week, leaving the search giant to wade through roughly a million requests a day. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) allows copyright holders to file requests against companies like Google remove links to content that […]

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US Privacy Official Leaves the White House

The White House’s first privacy-focused official, deputy CTO Nicole Wong, has left her position with little explanation after just over a year. Wong previously held positions such as director of legal products at Twitter and deputy general counsel at Google, the latter of which involved making calls on censoring certain content on YouTube and in […]


McAfee Advocates Privacy at DEFCON, Launches New Site

Earlier this week, it was revealed mere hours before the event that John McAfee would be making a surprise appearance at this year’s DEFCON to speak on matters of privacy. He also took the event as an opportunity to launch Brownlist.com, a complaints website for people to vent against companies and possibly find a solution. […]

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Google Lawyer Takes Aim at Right to be Forgotten

Google has further criticized the EU’s Right to be Forgotten ruling. This time it’s the company’s chief legal officer that has taken aim at the situation. Lawyer, David Drummond wrote in an op-ed in The Guardian that he was siding with the newspaper’s concerns over the removal of news stories, which The Guardian had criticized […]

Five Arrested in ‘Copycat’ Website Clampdown in the UK

Police in the UK have made a number of arrests in its investigation into cyber-criminals operate copycat government websites. The fake websites claimed to offer services like tax returns and passport renewals where the cyber-criminals would be able to charge false fees. Five people have been arrested and all are on police bail, according to […]

Supreme Court Declines Google Street View Case Appeal

In 2010, Google’s Street View cars were alleged to be gathering information from unprotected Wi-Fi networks as cars went by. This resulted in the US Supreme Court filing a case against the company for violating the Wiretap Act. Google found itself in trouble with European authorities as well as those in other countries too, and […]

NSA Automatically Tracks Users Who Search for ‘Tor’, ‘Tails’

Earlier this afternoon, a sliver of source code from the NSA’s surveillance program XKeyscore was revealed by a set of security specialists for German broadcasters NDR and WDR, and it has revealed what many already suspected to be true, but couldn’t say for sure until today. It’s no secret that the NSA holds a special […]

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Facebook’s Mood Experiment; What it Means, and Why it Matters

This week, scientists and researchers from Facebook, Cornell, and UCSF published a joint paper in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, which claims they were able to successfully manipulate the moods and status updates of users just by altering the content that popped up in their news feed over the course of two […]