Thousands of Plain Text Passwords Breached at iThemes

iThemes, a site that provides themes and plugins for WordPress, has issued a notice to all users urging them to change their passwords now following a recent attack that lifted thousands of plain text passwords. In a post last Tuesday, iThemes’ Cory Miller said that the company had noticed some suspicious activity on their server Read More

5 Million Gmail Passwords Allegedly Leaked

New reports have surfaced that indicate about five million Gmail accounts have been compromised with hackers posting the usernames and passwords on a Russian bitcoin forum. The alleged hack has been brought to our attention by the netsec subreddit on Reddit. A number of websites have also popped up claiming to be “checker sites” that Read More


Gmail Scans Your Email Says New Terms

Google has updated its terms of service to alert users that the company scans your Gmail messages to tailor advertising for you. The practice has long been considered to be in action but the terms update puts it in writing. The terms now read: “Our automated systems analyze your content (including emails) to provide you Read More

Facebook Awards $33.5k in Record Setting Bug Bounty

This Friday, a Brazilian security researcher named Reginado Silvia accepted the largest bug bounty ever to be paid out by a company for a single crack, netting  just over $33,500 from none other than Facebook before all was said and done. Silvia first came across the lucrative loophole back in November, and spent several months Read More

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How To Get Unlimited Free Calls To USA & Canada From Anywhere in the World

Calls to the US and Canada are quite expensive for anybody calling from outside the US. International call rates are expensive, and even VOIP services such as Skype charges a hefty fee for calls made to the US and Canada. Google, on the other hand, has come up with a VOIP solution that allows unlimited Read More