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Singapore ISP Releases Its Own VPN to Access Foreign Content

Singaporean ISP ViewQwest has launched a new built-in VPN service with its 4K set top box so users can access sites like Netflix. ViewQwest’s Freedom VPN is targeted at subscribers looking to circumvent geo-blocks. The ISP operates in Singapore and Malaysia, where the likes of Netflix and HBO Go are not available yet.


Sky TV Bans Ads for VPN-like Services from Slingshot

Slingshot, the New Zealand ISP that recently began offering a VPN-like service built in, has found its ads turned away from Sky TV on “copyright grounds”. Early last month Slingshot began offering its newest service Global Mode in a bid to allow users to access content that is normally geo-restricted, a service generally offered by Read More


New Zealand ISP Offers Its Own Built-In VPN

In a bid to differentiate itself from the competition, an ISP in New Zealand has begun offering its own built-in VPN function to access services like Netflix. The ISP Slingshot isn’t calling its anti-geoblocking feature a VPN though, rather going with the name Global Mode. Netflix hasn’t launched in New Zealand so the new service Read More