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Edward Snowden Spills All in Reddit AMA

On Monday, the triple team of Laura Poitras, Glenn Greenwald, and Edward Snowden himself took to the news aggregation website Reddit to participate in an AMA (“Ask Me Anything”) on the tails of their Oscar win from Sunday night for the documentary Citizenfour. The community wasted no time in hitting Snowden with the hard questions, […]

Snowden Could Testify in Switzerland

Edward Snowden could very well be heading to Switzerland if new reports are to be believed, which suggests the NSA whistleblower could testify in the country without fear of extradition. Snowden could be granted asylum in the country to testify against the NSA for spying on Switzerland. Swiss newspaper Le Matin Dimanche reported over the […]


Latest Snowden Reveal: NSA Targets Gaza, Feeds Israel Surveillance Info

With all the fighting in the Middle East over the past few weeks, one has to wonder if Snowden & Friends are simply waiting for the most opportune moment to drop a bomb, then letting documents fly without any concern for what’s left of the fallout. Either way, this week Glenn Greenwald used his new […]

Full Release of Remaining Snowden Leaks Slated for July, Says Cryptome

According to a report from the whistleblowing website Cryptome, the last cache of Snowden documents is set to be released in bulk sometime next month, supposedly in an effort to stem the tide of an upcoming premeditated war. “July is when war begins unless headed off by Snowden full release of crippling intel. After war […]

New Snowden Leaks Reveal Government Manipulation of “Online Discourse”

Last week, Glenn Greenwald (of former Guardian fame) released a set of documents provided to him by Edward Snowden that reveal that the United States government is actively attempting to use the internet to “discredit and shame” members of the press and political dissidents who attempt to openly badmouth the USA. The methods to achieve […]