Kerry & Clinton “Accidentally” Spied on by German Intelligence Agency

The German intelligence service Bundesnachrichtdienst (which we’ll just refer to as the BND, for short) has admitted that their internal surveillance systems had “accidentally” spied on calls made to and from the country by then Secretary of State Hilary Clinton and current Secretary John Kerry. According to the agency and a corroborating report by the Read More


Twitter Lifts Ban on “Blasphemous” Tweets in Pakistan

Twitter is to restore access to a number of “blasphemous” and “unethical” tweets in Pakistan after the watchdogs in question failed to follow up on their requests. The ban was initially instituted on May 18th. Since 2012 Twitter has been able to block content country by country by using its Country Withheld Content tool. The Read More

Netflix Expanding to 6 New Countries

We’ve covered Netflix extensively here at VPN Creative, showing you ways to access your favorite shows from around the world but this week the streaming giant announced six new European countries that it plans to expand into – Germany, France, Austria, Luxembourg and Belgium. Netflix has been previously available in the UK and Ireland. This Read More

German Space Research Center Hit by Cyber Attack

Today Der Spiegel released a report detailing a covert cyber attack that took place at Germany’s space research center in Cologne. According to the documents provided, last Sunday the German Aerospace Center (DLR) contacted the National Cyber Defense Center after discovering a litany of various malware programs and keyloggers installed on machines used by high-ranking Read More

WikiLeaks Posts Draft Paper on Internet Governance

WikiLeaks has released a draft agreement of its paper Outcome Document ahead of the NETmundial meetings in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where 12 nations and various Internet stakeholders will gather to discuss Internet governance. It is a joint meeting of Argentina, Brazil, France, Ghana, Germany, India, Indonesia, South Africa, South Korea, Tunisia, Turkey and of course Read More


Kim Dotcom Proposes New Political Party for New Zealand Parliament

Two days ago, Kim Dotcom announced his plans to an eagerly awaiting press to launch his very own political party, dubbed “The Internet Party”, to the New Zealand Parliament by the time the polls open in their country this September. In order to become a member of parliament, Dotcom either needs to secure 5 percent Read More

US Involved in Industrial Espionage says New Claims

German broadcaster ARD has released an advance copy of their interview that took place with Edward Snowden on January 26th, previewing 40 minutes out of the six hours that will premiere later this week. Filmed at a hotel suite in Moscow (where Snowden has been granted asylum for one year, starting last month), the interview Read More

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