UK Government to Introduce Bill to Force ISPs to Hand Over User Data

The anti-terrorism legislation that is going to be introduced in the UK parliament on November 26 will require Internet service providers to hand over user data to government agencies. The bill is expected to become a law before the country goes to the polls in May. The new bill will restrict people from traveling abroad Read More

UN Passes Legislation to Condemn Mass Surveillance Tactics

This Tuesday, in a landmark decision for privacy advocates everywhere, the UN passed a resolution which seeks to condemn and demonize attempts by any nation to commit acts of mass surveillance on its own people, or those of an opposing country. The resolution takes special account of metadata, revising its definitions from a similar effort Read More


Vodafone Company Linked to British Mass Surveillance Program

The undersea cables that stretch into the UK not only connect the nation with other parts of the world, but also serve other purposes. Media reports suggest that Vodafone-owned cable company helped GCHQ eavesdrop on a large number of Internet users. News reports based on data leaked by whistleblower and former NSA employee Edward Snowden Read More

ben emmerson

UN Report Condemns Mass Surveillance

A new report published by the UN has stated that mass Internet surveillance is “corrosive of online privacy” and could be a violation of international law. The study, led by UN special rapporteur on counter-terrorism Ben Emmerson QC, said “The hard truth is that the use of mass surveillance technology effectively does away with the Read More

Theresa May

Theresa May Calls Surveillance Accusations ‘Nonsense’

Britain’s Home Secretary Theresa May has hit out at criticisms of government surveillance calling such claims of unlawful hacking “nonsense”. “There is no programme of mass surveillance and there is no surveillance state,” she said at a lecture in London when asked on the actions of organizations like GCHQ, adding that the government weren’t breaking Read More


GCHQ Claims Attackers Hit Internal Networks

This week in a speech held at the cybersecurity summit IA14, the UK’s Cabinet Office Minister Francis Maude alluded to an attack that took place on the internal government networks of the United Kingdom and their spy affiliate the GCHQ just a few short months ago. Claiming that the internal networks of the government had Read More

Samsung KNOX Approved for UK Government Communications

Samsung’s security software has been approved for government use in the UK, gaining “official” status and taking a step ahead of Blackberry, who have specialized in government-safe devices. The decision means that Samsung’s KNOX phone, which runs Android and KNOX Workspace, a “comprehensive hardware and software security solution”, can be used by government staff for Read More


NSA’s Nymrod Spied On Up to 112 Foreign Leaders

German publication Der Spiegel has released a set of documents that reveal the NSA conducted spying operations on up to 112 foreign leaders under “Operation Nymrod”. The details of Operation Nymrod were unveiled in documents released by Edward Snowden, which state that it is currently an active program. As a mere piece to the overall Read More

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