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FrootVPN expands to 14 new countries

FrootVPN has announced a massive expansion of new servers in 14 different locations. The new locations are in Russia, Hong Kong, Israel, Isle of Man, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Poland, Japan, Australia, Singapore, South Korea, Brazil, and Mexico. All servers are released and available to it’s subscribers on the time of writing. This makes FrootVPN’s total […]

With Data Retention Laws, Will Australians look to VPNs?

This week Australia officially enacted its controversial new data retention law where mass swathes of metadata are required to be stored by telecoms for up to two years. Australian authorities said the measures were necessary for law enforcement but the move has outraged civil liberties groups as authorities will have greater ease of access to […]


Bunitu Botnet Spreads from Advertising to VPNs

The operators of the botnet Bunitu are selling access to proxy bots, according to a report from Malwarebytes. The research says that users of particular VPNs may unknowingly be accessing a “criminal infrastructure of infected computers worldwide.” Malwarebytes, which carried out the research in collaboration with anti-advertising-fraud firm Sentrant, first noticed the Bunitu botnet in […]

Best VPN for Thailand and How to Get Free Thai VPN

This article will show you the best VPN for Thailand. The internet is an amazing technology that basically has everything we need. We can easily search for the things we are looking for, communicate with others, watch videos, download files, read articles, do online shopping and so on. Unfortunately, not everyone can enjoy complete internet […]