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Bunitu Botnet Spreads from Advertising to VPNs

The operators of the botnet Bunitu are selling access to proxy bots, according to a report from Malwarebytes. The research says that users of particular VPNs may unknowingly be accessing a “criminal infrastructure of infected computers worldwide.” Malwarebytes, which carried out the research in collaboration with anti-advertising-fraud firm Sentrant, first noticed the Bunitu botnet in […]

Intel Shuts Down Russian Blogs Over ‘Bloggers Law’

Intel has shut down its Russian blogs and forums in response to the country’s recently enacted “Blogger’s Law”, which curtails blogs with more than 3,000 readers. The changes from the chip maker were implemented on January 1 but have come to light today. “These changes do not affect the English Intel DZ community: you can […]

5 Million Gmail Passwords Allegedly Leaked

New reports have surfaced that indicate about five million Gmail accounts have been compromised with hackers posting the usernames and passwords on a Russian bitcoin forum. The alleged hack has been brought to our attention by the netsec subreddit on Reddit. A number of websites have also popped up claiming to be “checker sites” that […]

Playstation and Xbox Twitch.tv Accounts Caught by Gamescom Troll

Gamescom is always a tense time for the big game publishers and the companies who support their content, and as streaming services like Twitch.tv (of former Jusin.tv fame) continue to grow end over end in popularity, many of those same players in the industry are turning to the website to promote their latest content online. […]

Papua New Guinea Proposes Law That Could Shut Down Criticism

Papua New Guinea is said to be mimicking a law that was recently declared constitutional in the Philippines. With the growing cyber threats lurking these days, every government is doing their best to protect its people’s interest. Or are they? The Papua New Guinea government under the leadership of Prime Minister Peter O’Neill is reportedly […]

Piracy Website Revealed as Elaborate Honeypot Scheme by Owner

We can’t even trust our own anymore. Earlier this morning, uploading and file-hosting forum UploaderTalk.com went permanently offline, leaving only this notice posted on the front page: “UT is now closed. UT was set up for a number of reasons. But mostly to be a sounding board, proof of concept.[.].and to collect data,” WDF said […]