Anonabox Kickstarter Campaign Faces Severe ‘Scam’ Allegations

Anonabox made headlines when its Kickstarter campaign raised over half a million dollars in just three days but just as quickly as the tiny Tor router made news it’s facing some backlash with some Redditers claim that the same hardware is available for purchase in China. Ever since they launched the crowdfunding campaign, there has Read More

BadUSB Source Code Published on Github

Back in August of this year, we wrote about a new form of malware called BadUSB, which was capable of infecting billions of devices currently in operation around the globe, everything from mice to keyboard, and even simple flash-based thumb drives. The flaw was originally discovered by researchers at Security Research Labs in Berlin, which Read More

BlackWorm Trojan Identifies New Syrian Malware Team

Security firm FireEye demonstrated a “connect the dots” approach to attribution after identifying several members of the Syrian Malware Team. This pro-Assad hacking group has ties to both the Syrian government and the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA), another team that has made headlines for its attacks against the Syrian opposition. Photo: Giphy.com The Syrian Malware Read More


Anonymous Attempts to Reveal Cop Who Shot Michael Brown

In war, every body down is a casualty, and right now on the streets of Ferguson, Missouri, it’s only a matter of time before the next pin drops. This week, America re-opened the book on race relations in the social sphere of conversation in the country, and the results don’t look good. After just simmering Read More

Flash Zero Day Exploit Hot Off the Presses from Syria

Researchers with Kaspersky Labs have discovered a whole new strain of zero day exploit which relied on Flash in order to break into users running Windows, OSX, and even Linux. The command and control servers behind the attack have been located in various parts of Syria, leading the team who found the hole to a Read More