US House Committee Votes Down NSA Bulk Collections Program

The House Judiciary Committee has voted to further a bill that would effectively wipe out the bulk metadata collection efforts of the NSA, and prevent the agency from using the information they’ve already obtained in any cases in or outside of the United States from now on. The vote passed 32-0 with the committee unanimously Read More

US Admits to Warrantless Wiretapping of Americans

The director of US National Intelligence James Clapper has confirmed that the United States has been exploiting a “backdoor” in national policy to commit warrantless surveillance on ordinary citizens for the past three years. In a letter to Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon, Clapper insinuated that our government has been using a ruling handed down Read More

US Court Rules to Extend Phone Record Collections

Today, FISA revealed they have once again unanimously passed the actions and operations of the NSA and its affiliated agencies as constitutional and 100% above board. Over the past 7 years, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court has approved 36 separate instances that put the lawfulness of the program into question, and so far not once Read More

Google Mulled Over Moving Servers Out of US

At the Paley International Council Summit in New York this Friday, CEO of Google Eric Schmidt suggested his company had considered the possibility of moving their server farms and networking operations out of the United States, in order to avoid unwelcome probes by agencies like the NSA and CIA. The government has gone so far Read More

Google Breaks Silence Over Government Requests

And it turns out, it’s much, much worse than we thought. After spending months in court and throwing the entire might of their massive legal team behind themselves, Google has finally appealed to a circuit court and successfully removed the gag order placed on them back in June. The US government was adamant in attempting Read More

Google and Yahoo Latest Targets of NSA Spying

More news out of the Snowden camp, this time published in the Washington Post. The international whistleblower’s newest leak has been released, and the document — which is dated January 9th of this year, details a program capable of sifting through terabytes of data on a daily basis. By linking into the fiber-optic backbone of Read More