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VPN Port Vulnerability Could Expose User IPs

VPNs are vulnerable to what is called a “port fail” according to Perfect Privacy, which can expose users’ IP addresses. The VPN provider published a blog post last week, which detailed the vulnerability in VPNs that use port forwarding and are based on protocols like OpenVPN, IPSec, or PPTP. It’s important to point out that […]


Shanghai Internet Users Try VPNs to Hop New Blocks

China Telecom customers in Shanghai are experiencing several issues in accessing foreign websites, which the telco says is due to a lack of bandwidth. The Shanghai Telecom brand said that the blocks are not “politically sensitive” or imposed by China’s Great Firewall, which censors a vast array of western sites. The issues have been persisting […]


SoakSoak Malware Forces Google to Blacklist 11K WordPress Sites

Google has blacklisted over 11,000 WordPress based websites that were infected by a Russian malware named SoakSoak, which redirects users to shady links that download harmful payloads to their systems. WordPress is among the most popular CMS (content management systems), which is used to run more than 70 million sites on the web. This makes […]

Controversial Anonabox Tor Router Returns

Anonabox, the controversial project that raised over $600,000 on Kickstarter, has made a return – this time on Indiegogo. The project was suspended from Kickstarter in the midst of the questions regarding the originality of the device. The Anonabox project was removed from Kickstarter after industry experts found that the device was not custom made […]


Smart DNS Vs VPN: Breaking Down the Differences

Some websites and online streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, Spotify and others contain regionally restricted (or geo-restricted) content. As a result, the content that they provide is only available for viewing and/or downloading by users who live within their permitted locations. Smart DNS is a service that allows users to access multiple services from […]


McAfee & Siemens Announce Industrial Security Service

McAfee (owned by Intel) will extend its partnership with Siemens to provide further security offerings to industrial customers, with a view to providing more robust security measures for The Internet of Things. The two companies first teamed up in 2011. Many companies lack the right security measures, says McAfee, without the necessary resources to protect […]

Over 160,000 WordPress Websites Used in Massive DDOS Botnet

According to a blog released this week by Sucuri Security, WordPress is the newest target of a massive botnet that was designed to exploit the XML-RPC response on the popular blogging platform. Best we can tell the botnet was targeting a relatively unknown WordPress blog, however the actual name of the site itself was not […]

Perzo Offers Creative Method for Encrypting Messages

*** Update: It appears that Perzo has gone out of business as of 2017 /JLN Ever since we found out services like iMessage and GChat weren’t nearly as secure as their parent companies would’ve liked us to believe, the hunt for a safe, reliable method of digital communication has been the holy grail for tech entrepreneurs […]

Golden Frog Launches VyprVPN For Business

Golden Frog, the company that runs the popular VyprVPN services, has launched a business version of their VPN services. Under the business scheme, Golden Frog aims to offer commercial VPN solutions to large business organizations and companies. The basic business plan starts at $299.00 per year, and supports up to 3 users. Every additional user […]