Massive WebRTC Flaw Hits VPN Services

If you use any of the major VPN services out there, your IP address information could have been put at risk due to a new flaw that’s been discovered in the WebRTC communication protocol. The problem appears when protected information is passed through popular browsers such as Firefox or Chrome. Thankfully, it’s because the flaw Read More


Tor & Mozilla Team Up for Polaris

The Tor Project has announced a new partnership with Mozilla following much speculation on what the anonymous browser’s future plans are. The Polaris initiative also brings together the Center for Democracy & Technology. The three organizations will collaborate on new privacy features for users. Primarily Mozilla will be working with Tor on engineering and network Read More

How to Bolster Your Privacy Settings in Your Browser

Your browser is one of the first icons you open when you turn on your computer but which is most secure? The question is equally simple and complicated. In a poll held from late last year, Internet users voted for Firefox as the safest browser, but in 2014’s Pwn2own hacking contest held in March, Mozilla Read More


Microsoft’s Emergency Update Revokes Fraudulent Certificates

Microsoft has recently noticed some fake digital certificates that impersonated Google and Yahoo; and there might be some hidden bogus certificates still floating around, waiting to be discovered. To keep things safe, the tech giant has issued an urgent update for many versions of Windows. In the new update, Microsoft has eliminated trust for the Read More

Browsers Take a Beating at This Year’s Pwn2Own Contest

Hide your kids, hide your wives, because they be cracking all the browsers up in here. Not Chrome, not IE, nor Safari or Firefox could find a safe place to hide at HP’s annual Zero Day Initiative conference this year, where hackers from around the world took to their keyboards to show off their hacking Read More

Mozilla Calls for Open Source Revolution to Combat Surveillance

Today,  Chief Technology Officer of the Mozilla Foundation Brendan Eich took to the company’s official blog for a call to arms against the unyielding efforts of the United States government. He spoke on several subjects throughout the post, most notably his dedication to the open-source platform and its versatility both in and outside of the Read More

Firefox Add-On Conceals Hidden Malware Surprise

The add-on, called Advanced Power, secretly runs a botnet from active computers designed to scan the net for websites that might hold potential vulnerabilities ripe for an exploit or SQL injection. It acts as a secondary background process, passing the buck of responsibility off to the user and creating a facade that makes it look Read More