Popular Tor Router Raided by Local Authorities

According to new reports, authorities have raided another corner of the Tor network. Sometime last week, privacy advocate and node operator Thomas White took to his Twitter account to warn his loyal followers that his exit relay on the anonymizing router network Tor had been infiltrated and taken down by an unknown group of law Read More

North Korea

North Korea Accused of Hacking South Korean Smartphones

South Korea’s National Intelligence Service (NIS) has alleged that North Korean cyber army has infected over 20,000 smartphones belonging to South Koreans, submitting its intelligence report to lawmakers on Wednesday. Citing the NIS report, Yonhap, South Korea’s news agency, reported that the cyber attacks were carried out between May and September. Victims reportedly downloaded infected Read More


Anonymous Attempts to Reveal Cop Who Shot Michael Brown

In war, every body down is a casualty, and right now on the streets of Ferguson, Missouri, it’s only a matter of time before the next pin drops. This week, America re-opened the book on race relations in the social sphere of conversation in the country, and the results don’t look good. After just simmering Read More

Snowden Speaks in SXSW Teleconference

At this year’s SXSW (South by Southwest) in Austin, Texas, Edward Snowden took to the monitors of a packed auditorium for an interview that was streamed live from an undisclosed location somewhere in Russia. Snowden’s appearance apparently packed the halls of the theater designated to hold attendees for his conference, along with two other overflow Read More

NSA Claims to Keep 30% of Cellular Data

The Washington Post is reporting that the NSA, despite what we’ve been led to believe via other leaks, is only collecting around 30% of all the cellular data that is available for monitoring at home and overseas. According to officials from the agency (many of whom are reportedly coming forward in light of Snowden’s actions), Read More

Hacker Attempts to Sell Access to BBC Servers

Nobody expects the Russian Inquisition. Last week, the BBC lost communication with one of their major FTP servers as it was taken over by a prolific Russian hacker who flies through fibre-optics under the moniker of “HASH”. Shortly after gaining access, HASH started posting the spoils of his efforts on an underground marketplace that traffics Read More

Servers at Washington Post Hacked, Credentials Stolen

This marks the third intrusion the publisher has been forced to deal with in just the past three years,  and members of the staff at WaPo suspect these hackers were not working alone. They suspect the perpetators could potentially have been contracted by the US or UK governments, in an effort to acquire the documents Read More

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