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Police Question Lizard Squad Suspects in the UK & Finland

Authorities in the UK and Finland have been questioning two people allegedly involved with the hacker group, Lizard Squad, who were responsible for the Christmas Day attacks on PlayStation and Xbox. Vincent Omari, the spokesman for the hacking group Lizard Squad, was arrested over PayPal theft. The 22-year-old had allegedly stolen funds from several PayPal […]

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Use Netflix ISP Speed Index To Determine Which ISPs Offer Best Streaming

Netflix can now determine which ISP has the best streaming performance. The Netflix ISP Speed Index was recently launced. This is a new website dedicated to ranking and analyzing ISP streaming performances all over the world. Since Netflix is a great source of online video contents, it is just but proper that it should have […]

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IPVanish Jumpstarts 2013 by Adding 11 New Servers

IPVanish is truly dedicated in providing the best VPN experience. With their continuous efforts to make their services even better, they will surely get larger fan bases and expand their target market. 2013 seems to be a very promising year for IPVanish. As a matter of fact, it already has some amazing developments, and it’s […]