Popular Tor Router Raided by Local Authorities

According to new reports, authorities have raided another corner of the Tor network. Sometime last week, privacy advocate and node operator Thomas White took to his Twitter account to warn his loyal followers that his exit relay on the anonymizing router network Tor had been infiltrated and taken down by an unknown group of law Read More

iPhone 6 Still Vulnerable to Touch ID Hack

Lookout Security has confirmed that the iPhone 6 is vulnerable to the same fingerprint-spoofing technique that we saw with its predecessor in the iPhone 5s. By creating a copy of a fingerprint that can be lifted from a shiny surface using a specialized glue (normally reserved for criminal investigations and forensics labs), hackers can create Read More

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iPhone 6 Touch ID Has Fake Fingerprint Security Vulnerability

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus sales have been smashing records but those who stress about security may be somewhat shocked to know that a security researcher has discovered a vulnerability in the Touch ID technology of iPhone 6, indicating that Apple has done a little to enhance the security of this feature. Lookout Security’s Read More