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Netflix CEO Not Worried About VPN Users in Australia

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings says he is not concerned about the about the number of VPN users in Australia accessing the US catalog and is confident that users will switch to the Aussie version when it launches next week. “People use VPN because they want the content,” Hastings told Australia’s Financial Review. “They’re paying for […]


Sony Pulls ‘The Interview’ After Increased Threats from North Korea

After increased pressure from both North Korea and the United States government, Sony has officially decided to pull all showings of the upcoming Seth Rogen and James Franco movie The Interview from theaters until further notice. The studio had been staring down the barrel assorted threats ever since they first announced their plans to produce […]

Turla Malware Targets Universities, Military & Intelligence Linux Machines

According to recently revealed research from the security scientists at Kaspersky Lab, a new form of Linux malware has been discovered, dubbed Turla, which closely mimics many of the same core functions as the the open source operating system in order to stay stealthy and avoid persistent forms of detection. The Turla malware is a […]


Dare Devil PoS Malware Targets ATMs & Ticket Machines

Hackers are taking advantage of new malware called Dare Devil (stylized as “d4re|dev1|”) created to steal financial payment card data from PoS terminals and also attack electronic kiosks and vending systems. Dare Devil was discovered by security researchers from IntelCrawler, a cyber intelligence firm. They found the malware can steal data from multiple point of […]

Sony Pictures Hacked & Blackmailed by Mysterious GOP

Since Monday morning, all of the servers and employee desktops at Sony Pictures have been in complete lock down, commandeered by a hacker (or group of hackers) going by the name “#GOP”. According to sources from Variety who work at Sony, their entire network has been “paralyzed”, and was “down for the whole day” at […]

Email Hoax Sends G4S Stocks Down This Week

This week outsourcing company G4S fell prey to an extensive email hoax that ultimately saw its shares tank on Wednesday. A fake press release was circulated to journalists containing a link to replica website for the FTSE 100 company that was near perfect in imitation. The press release made startling (false) claims such as the […]

Mandiant Founder: Russia Responsible for Financial Breaches

Russia is behind the recent spate of cyber-attacks on financial institutions, claims cybersecurity expert Kevin Mandia, the founder of Mandiant Security. Mandia is currently in Australia ahead of this week’s G20 meeting in Brisbane, where Vladimir Putin will be in attendance. Mandia has accused Russia of sponsoring the cyber-attacks that recently rocked US finance, such […]

BlackEnergy Malware Inside Critical US Infrastructure Since 2011

This week, researchers at Kaspersky Labs released their latest report on the infamous BlackEnergy malware, claiming that Russian hackers have been using the program to infiltrate vital pieces of the US energy infrastructure including power plants, hydroelectric dams, and manufacturers of equipment destined for nuclear-powered facilities. The bug, which targets both Windows and Linux-based machines, […]


GCHQ Chief Says Social Media Should Help Intelligence Agencies

The new chief of GCHQ has come under fire for remarks made in the Financial Times, stating that social media aids terrorist groups and tech companies need to work more with intelligence officials. Robert Hannigan said that social media sites have a duty to ensure that their platforms are not being misused by devious entities […]

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Phishing Scams Prey on Fidelity National Financial

Fidelity National Financial, a Fortune 500 mortgage provider, has seen an undetermined number of users’ information breached by a phishing scam, including bank account numbers, card numbers, and Social Security numbers. A number of employees fell prey to phishing attacks in April, says the notification letter, leading to the attackers gaining access to their usernames […]

Potential Data Breach at Marquette University

Students at Marquette University in Milwaukee may have seen their personal information compromised due to a login glitch on the university’s website. The glitch allowed anyone with login details to access other students’ data on an internal server including social security numbers, dates of birth, addresses, exam results, and financial information. The university says it […]

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850K Compromised at Oregon Employment Department

The Oregon Employment Department is notifying over 850,000 people regarding a system vulnerability that may have compromised their information. The department received a tip that its WorkSource Oregon Management Information System (WOMIS) was vulnerable and took the system offline last week. Names, addresses, dates of birth and Social Security numbers are among the details believed […]


NY Regulator: Security is a CEO Issue

New York banking regulators have said they will be meeting with the heads of JPMorgan Chase and other firms in the wake of the JPMorgan breach to discuss defense and responsibility. Superintendent of New York’s Department of Financial Services, Benjamin Lawsky plans to meet with different chief executives in order to make it clear that […]

Government Fines Could Have Ruined Yahoo

Yahoo recently revealed that it had been threatened by the government with a $250,000 fine a day for not complying with user data requests and new stats from The Washington Post show that if the company actually paid those fines, it could have led the company to financial ruin. The declassified documents noted that the […]

New Details Emerge on JPMorgan’s Summer Breach

JPMorgan Chase & Co was the victim of a cyber attack this summer that left customer information vulnerable. Now, weeks after the breach, the extent of the attack is still being determined. The bank was tight-lipped about the incident during the last few months, and recently said in an SEC filing that it was yet […]

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Researchers Show How to Steal Encryption Keys Through Touch

A new version of safecracking may enable hackers to crack computer security by simply touching computing devices. Computer security experts at Tel Aviv University, Itamar Pipman, Eran Tromer, and Daniel Genkin, conducted research entitled ‘Get Your Hands Off My Laptop’, which reveals a simple electrical trick is enough for a sophisticated hacker to gain access […]


NCA Warns 40% of Internet User Aren’t Protected

New reports from the UK’s National Crime Agency say that nearly 40 percent of Internet users are not adequately protected from cyber threats, leaving personal and financial data at risk. The NCA has launched a new campaign with the National Cyber Crime Unit (NCCU) and the government’s Cyber Streetwise to increase awareness of cyber threats […]

Former NSA Head Keith Alexander Prepares to Line His Pockets with Piles of Private Cash

The concept of government employees “retiring” into cushy private sector gigs is certainly nothing new. The practice, which has grown increasingly common as the relationship between large corporations and the public sector grows worryingly closer by the day, is often used as sort of a golden parachute for former employees of the United States who […]

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Social Media Flooded With Tasteless MH17 Spam

If you come across Facebook pages showing pictures of MH17 crash victims or tweets with URLs redirecting to the disaster reports, beware – they might have malware, or redirect to pornographic or spammy websites. We are witnessing a distasteful trend among cybercriminals as they leave no occasion to spread malware or capture the financial information […]

NASDAQ Reveals Three Year Old Malware Exploit on Servers

This week, the NASDAQ was outed in a BusinessWeek article that claimed in February of 2010, the financial security of half the world’s economy rested solely in the hands of a couple hackers hailing from somewhere in Siberian Russia. Despite dropping nearly $1 billion on enhancing its security over the past several years, the servers […]