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BitTorrent Introduces A Secured Instant Messaging Service

What is the best defence from intelligence organizations such as the controversial NSA? BitTorrent might just have the perfect tool that can protect your privacy while having conversations online. Introducing the BitTorrent Chat. This is BitTorrent Inc.’s newest offering that promises to allow people to chat safely and securely. The said instant messaging app which Read More

Internet Censorship

UK Internet Censorship – Not Limited To Filtering Porn

This news comes as a big shock to the common man. In a bid to save the younger generation from abusive and presumably damaging consequences by way of precarious online content, the Prime Minister of UK had officially gone on record by introducing a new law that blocks all online lewd and obscene material from Read More

How To Secure Wireless Connection

The internet is definitely something that all of us can be happy about. Not only does it offer everything that we are looking for such as shopping, research tools, file sharing and so on, but it has also made worldwide connectivity very possible. Now, people with relatives overseas can communicate on a daily basis. Friends Read More