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How ISPs Sell Your Data (and How to Stop Them)

At home, in your work environment or even at a café, you want privacy while browsing the world wide web. You don’t necessarily have to be doing something terrible or ethically questionable; instead, you don’t want any prying eyes on your computer screen or mobile device. It is that simple. The problem is, when you Read More

FCC May Backtrack on Net Neutrality Ruling

Following the public outcry over the FCC’s proposed new ruling that would allow ISPs to create slow and fast lanes for Internet traffic, Tom Wheeler is expected to backtrack on the plans somewhat. According to the Wall Street Journal, Wheeler’s new draft will stick to the same basic principle but scrutinize companies that put user Read More

Reddit Founder Launches Campaign Against the FCC

Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian has launched a new campaign to protest the forthcoming decision from the FCC regarding net neutrality, which will give ISPs the freedom to create slow and fast lanes for companies. Ohanian is raising funds to post a billboard ad against the ruling in Washington DC next to the FCC’s office. “On Read More

Feds Close in on Monitoring Airborne Wi-Fi Communications

According to Wired, news has surfaced that the popular in-air Wi-Fi services available to passengers on airlines such as Southwest and United may not be as secure as previously thought. Due to the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act, or CAELA for short, many of the providers responsible for offering these conveniences have been openly Read More