Baltimore Detective Declines to Reveal Phone Tracking Methods

This week a Baltimore city police detective declined to tell a defense attorney how the police tracked a defendant in a Baltimore Circuit Court robbery trial. A local judge threatened to hold the detective in contempt of court for declining to reveal the methods used to locate the robbery suspect’s phone. Instead, the detective decided Read More

FBI Worked With Lithuania in Silk Road 2.0 Operation

Following last week’s raid of Silk Road 2.0, The Daily Dot reports that the illicit market’s servers were hosted in Lithuania, according to a local news report. The Lrytas site (page in Lithuanian) reports that Lithuania’s law enforcement agencies assisted the FBI in the operation, which saw a Bureau agent undercover on the second incarnation Read More

Silk Road 2.0 Brought Down by Joint Task Force of FBI & Interpol

This week, federal prosecutors in New York announced the arrest of the man they believe to be responsible for the online drug marketplace, Silk Road 2.0. San Francisco tech geek and developer Blake Benthall has been accused of a plethora of conspiracy counts related to drug dealing, including computer hacking, money laundering and trafficking in Read More

Nearly 8K Affected By Breach at Miami Health Center

We’re almost used to hearing about major data breaches a la Target but smaller incidents continue at an alarming pace as nearly 8,000 people were recently breached in Miami at a healthcare facility. The Miami Herald reports that the Jessie Trice Community Health Center discovered a data breach on its systems targeting 7,888 patients in Read More

WorldPay Hacker Sentenced to 11 Years

Estonian hacker Sergei Nicolaevich Tšurikov, who infamously led a hacking ring that stole $9.4m from WorldPay in 2008 has been sentenced to 11 years in prison. Tšurikov, who was extradited to the US to face trial and pleaded guilty, and a team of accomplices cracked the encryption and removed the withdrawal limits of ATMs belonging Read More

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