Snapchat Avoids New Australian Cyber Bullying Regulation

Snapchat will escape new regulations introduced by the Australian government to tackle cyber bullying as it is considered a smaller social media platform based overseas. Australia’s Parliamentary Secretary for Communications, Paul Fletcher says the government will to take an informal approach to handling offensive or damaging content on Snapchat rather than strict rules. The new Read More

New California Bill Limits Student Social Media Surveillance

A new bill signed by California Governor Jerry Brown makes it mandatory for schools that collect and monitor their students’ social media posts to discard the information. This has to be done within one year of the student turning 18 or leaving the school. In addition, schools are required to notify parents that they are Read More

Thousands of Plain Text Passwords Breached at iThemes

iThemes, a site that provides themes and plugins for WordPress, has issued a notice to all users urging them to change their passwords now following a recent attack that lifted thousands of plain text passwords. In a post last Tuesday, iThemes’ Cory Miller said that the company had noticed some suspicious activity on their server Read More

Russia Demands Google, Twitter & Facebook Comply with New Data Law

Following Russia’s new law stating that all Russian Internet data must be stored in the country, the communications regulator has ordered Google, Twitter, and Facebook to comply by the end of 2014. None of the three tech giants have data centers in Russia but the regulator, Roskomnadzor has issued the three companies with notifications declaring Read More

70% of Young Iranians Surf The Web Illegally

The Iranian government has announced in a report that of the 23.5 million youth using the web in the country, 69.3 percent of them are relying on circumvention tools such as VPNs and proxies that provide access to the global web. The study has been publicized just a day after President Hassan Rouhani said existing Read More

blue dinosaur

Facebook’s Blue Dinosaur Will Help You Through Your Privacy Settings

Fine tuning your Facebook account’s privacy settings can be overwhelming and you may often give up in frustration when trying to configure who exactly can see your news feed, posts and pictures. It looks like Facebook has taken note as the social networking giant is offering frustrated users peace of mind through a Blue Dinosaur Read More

BlackWorm Trojan Identifies New Syrian Malware Team

Security firm FireEye demonstrated a “connect the dots” approach to attribution after identifying several members of the Syrian Malware Team. This pro-Assad hacking group has ties to both the Syrian government and the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA), another team that has made headlines for its attacks against the Syrian opposition. Photo: Giphy.com The Syrian Malware Read More

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This Professor Will Spend One Year of His Life Without Privacy

Someday someone will read your email messages without your permission or login to your Facebook account – maybe even find out you read this news. Perhaps someone will casually glance through your shopping receipts, or an intelligence agency might handpick you for special attention based on personal data bought from a vendor. In fact, some Read More


UK Police Sanctioned Over Social Media Misuse

Hundreds of UK police and officers have been investigated for making threatening and racist comments on Twitter and Facebook, as well as friend-requesting crime victims and posting ‘compromising’ images of colleagues, according to the figures released under the Freedom of Information Act. The news comes from documents obtained by the Press Association that shows responses Read More

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