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Microsoft Releases Newest Round of Fixes

Microsoft has patched a number of bugs with nine new fixes, most notably updating Internet Explorer. Vulnerabilities that affect Internet Explorer 6 through 11 have been addressed. Some of the flaws discovered by Microsoft could have allowed remote code execution (RCE). “The most severe of these vulnerabilities could allow remote code execution if a user […]


Microsoft’s Emergency Update Revokes Fraudulent Certificates

Microsoft has recently noticed some fake digital certificates that impersonated Google and Yahoo; and there might be some hidden bogus certificates still floating around, waiting to be discovered. To keep things safe, the tech giant has issued an urgent update for many versions of Windows. In the new update, Microsoft has eliminated trust for the […]

Internet Explorer Gets Critical Update After 7 Long Months

Microsoft has announced its plans to release an update for Internet Explorer 8 that’s been over half a year in the making. Published on Thursday by the Zero Day Initiative, the hosts of the annual Pwn2Own contest claim that though Microsoft has known about the exploit for months, the complexity of this issue in particular […]

Microsoft Continues to Patch XP in Light of IE Zero Day

In a move that surprised many security experts, Microsoft announced they would be releasing a patch for Internet Explorer on Windows XP, an operating system that was essentially declared devoid of any further updates as of just a couple weeks ago. They used their official blog to reluctantly distribute links to the patch for the […]

Bank of Ireland Says Continue to Use Internet Explorer

Bank of Ireland has come under scrutiny for telling customers that it is still safe to use Internet Explorer for their sensitive transactions. The Irish bank insists that it is still secure for Business On Line customers to log on using the browser, despite warnings from Microsoft and teams of security experts that say otherwise. […]

Government Advising Against Using Internet Explorer

Following on from the news that virtually every edition of Internet Explorer has been affected by a new serious security flaw, the Department of Homeland Security is advising everyone against using Internet Explorer until the security threat has been resolved. The New York Times reports: The United States Computer Emergence Readiness Team said in an […]