The European Commission Wants to Do Away With Geo Blocks

The European Commission is considering a formal competition inquiry into geo-blocking in Europe that would make services like Netflix accessible regardless of country. Margrethe Vestager, European Competition Commissioner, said that it was not acceptable that European customers cannot access the content they are already paying for when they visit other countries. This goes against the Read More

Google Pressed to Expand ‘Right to be Forgotten’ Globally

Google is under pressure to bring its search empire under the scope of the right to be forgotten ruling beyond Europe and to its domain. The right to be forgotten law allows people to request Google to stop showing links to unwanted or irrelevant content in their search results. However, currently this ruling only Read More

Andrus Ansip

EU Digital Chief Stands Behind Net Neutrality for Europe

European Commission’s new digital chief Andrus Ansip is worried about proposals that would curb new neutrality laws in the EU before anything is finalized. Ansip stated in an interview with Reuters that the intervention by the US president Barack Obama into that nation’s net neutrality debate took a note from the strict net neutrality rules Read More

Silk Road 2.0 Brought Down by Joint Task Force of FBI & Interpol

This week, federal prosecutors in New York announced the arrest of the man they believe to be responsible for the online drug marketplace, Silk Road 2.0. San Francisco tech geek and developer Blake Benthall has been accused of a plethora of conspiracy counts related to drug dealing, including computer hacking, money laundering and trafficking in Read More


Pen Tester Finds Vulnerability In Accessing Voicemail Accounts

Shubham Shah, a Sydney-based penetration tester, has urged European and US researchers to probe the security of their telcos’ voicemail systems after he discovered vulnerabilities in accounts held by Optus and Vodafone. These companies were vulnerable as flaws in design meant both of them did not limit the number of password guessing attempts in visual Read More

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