People Want an End to Geo-Blocks, Says EU Study

Almost one in three Europeans say they would like to be able to use their streaming and online services cross border, according to a new survey from the EU’s Digital Agenda for Europe. Up to 56 percent of Europeans that took part in the survey said that had an “uneasy experience” with trying to access Read More

20% of Adults Use VPNs to Access Geo-Blocked Content

Despite geo-blocks, a significant number of Internet users are aware of how to access restricted content through VPNs, according to new research from Global Web Index. The market research firm tracks the use of online services in 34 different countries and claims that more than 20 percent of adults surveyed in developing online markets like Read More


The European Commission Wants to Do Away With Geo Blocks

The European Commission is considering a formal competition inquiry into geo-blocking in Europe that would make services like Netflix accessible regardless of country. Margrethe Vestager, European Competition Commissioner, said that it was not acceptable that European customers cannot access the content they are already paying for when they visit other countries. This goes against the Read More

Max Schrems Takes Facebook Privacy Case to EU Court

Privacy activist Max Schrems is taking a case against Facebook to the European Court of Justice today to prevent US government agencies accessing user data. Schrems filed a case against Ireland’s Data Protection Commission last year, claiming that Ireland needs to investigate the data protection practices of Facebook. The social network’s European HQ is based Read More

EU Digital Chief Calls for an End to Geo Blocks

The vice president of the EU’s digital single market initiative believes that geo-blocking should be a thing of the past. Andrus Ansip of the European Commission stated that geo blocking measures, implemented by Netflix most famously but is an issue across countless online services, as a barrier that needs to be removed. “Far too often, Read More


France & the EU Mull Over New Online Censorship Rules

France is proposing new legislation that will make social media sites like Facebook and Twitter partially responsible for terrorist content posted on their sites. President Francois Hollande said the new draft law, set to be presented next month, will make social media sites “accomplices” if they do not block terrorism-related content from their sites. Bloomberg Read More

vince cable

UK Minister Wants to Pull Down Geo Blocks on Netflix in the EU

Vince Cable, the UK’s Business Secretary, has backed calls for a single European digital market, which would mean removing geo blocks on Netflix content across Europe. In a statement, Cable says that all people in the EU should be able to purchase European goods and services online “without unfair discrimination”. This extends to streaming services, Read More

charlie hebdo

Charlie Hebdo Attacks Raises Internet Surveillance Concerns

Following last week’s terrorists in Paris and yesterday’s solidarity march, several EU ministers have proposed new Internet censorship and surveillance tactics. The statement issued on Sunday said the world’s leaders must fight radicalism “notably on the Internet”. The statement goes on to say: “and on the strengthening of resources to thwart the action of the Read More

Politician Calls on Sweden to Grant Asylum to Snowden

Edward Snowden should be granted asylum in Sweden says one Swedish politician, who has criticized other EU countries for not doing so. Valter Mutt, foreign affairs spokesperson for Sweden’s Green Party, commended Snowden as a “hero” in a Swedish TV interview and said that it was a disgrace that no EU country would offer asylum. Read More

Google Pressed to Expand ‘Right to be Forgotten’ Globally

Google is under pressure to bring its search empire under the scope of the right to be forgotten ruling beyond Europe and to its domain. The right to be forgotten law allows people to request Google to stop showing links to unwanted or irrelevant content in their search results. However, currently this ruling only Read More

Andrus Ansip

EU Digital Chief Stands Behind Net Neutrality for Europe

European Commission’s new digital chief Andrus Ansip is worried about proposals that would curb new neutrality laws in the EU before anything is finalized. Ansip stated in an interview with Reuters that the intervention by the US president Barack Obama into that nation’s net neutrality debate took a note from the strict net neutrality rules Read More

Facebook Order to Respond to Class Action Suit

Max Schrems’ class action against Facebook cleared its first hurdle today with the Vienna Regional Court ordering that Facebook has four weeks to respond. The Europe Vs Facebook campaign gained a lot of attention after privacy advocate Schrems filed the lawsuit against the social network and its international HQ in Ireland. The suit was open Read More

cyber crime

Is Russia Waging a Digital War Against Ukraine?

There is already a lot of political unrest between Russia and Ukraine, and amidst this stress, there are emerging news reports about Russian hackers breaking into Ukraine’s network. Several computers in the Prime Minister’s Office in Ukraine have been infected with a cyber espionage malware that is being linked to Russia. News of this espionage Read More

EU’s Right To Be Forgotten Ruling Is A Nightmare For Google

The EU’s ‘right to be forgotten’ ruling that grants people the ability to remove their names from Google’s search listings is turning into a nightmare for the search engine giant. A few days ago, the Guardian informed its readers that it received notifications that six of its articles would be delinked from Google search results Read More

Facebook Faces Investigation Over Emotions Study

Facebook’s controversial psychological study on users is to be investigated by the UK regulator, Information Commissioner’s Office and Ireland’s Data Protection Commissioner. ICO is concerned that Facebook violated the country’s data protection laws by altering the content on the news feeds of nearly 700,000 people to see how it impacted them emotionally. Facebook defended the Read More

Theresa May

Theresa May Calls Surveillance Accusations ‘Nonsense’

Britain’s Home Secretary Theresa May has hit out at criticisms of government surveillance calling such claims of unlawful hacking “nonsense”. “There is no programme of mass surveillance and there is no surveillance state,” she said at a lecture in London when asked on the actions of organizations like GCHQ, adding that the government weren’t breaking Read More

data retention

UK May Face Legal Battle Over Data Retention

The UK government could face court action over its continued ruling that forces companies to retain data, despite an EU decision that says otherwise. The Guardian reports that the government has been accused of “breaking the law” by forcing telecommunications companies and ISPs to keep records of Internet usage, calls, and texts. Opponents to the Read More

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