Proofpoint Acquires Social Media Security Start-Up Nexgate

Enterprise security company Proofpoint has announced the acquisition of Nexgate, a social media security start-up, for $35m. Nexgate, whose backers included Sierra Ventures, provides security tools for organizations for their social media accounts. Gary Steele, CEO of Proofpoint, said companies need to protect their social media accounts more than ever before. “With the acquisition of Read More

Blackphone Sales Are Strong So Far

The privacy focused Blackphone is off to a good start on the sales front, says Toby Weir-Jones, the head of SGP Technologies, who manufacture the secure phone. In an interview with Venture Beat, Weir-Jones refused to disclose the sales numbers that Blackphone is seeing so at this time it’s no possible to verify the claims Read More

iPhones and iPads at Risk of SMS, Picture Hijacking

This weekend at the Hope X conference in New York City, security researcher and iOS pioneer jailbreaker Jonathan Zdziarski spoke to an eager crowd of IT specialists and mobile enthusiasts as he unveiled his latest discovery/creation: malware that can use multiple access points to hop from the desktop in your home to an iPhone with Read More

Verizon Contract Terminated by German Government

This week, the German government announced they would be ending their contract with Verizon Wireless over concerns of spying authorized through formerly-top-secret NSA initiatives. Members of Germany’s Interior Ministry made the announcement on Thursday when speaking with the New York Times, and rationalizing their decision wasn’t exactly difficult. Beyond the clear violation of privacy the Read More

FBI Withdraws NSL Letter After Microsoft Fights Back

Microsoft, for the first time ever, was allowed to reveal an NSL (National Security Letter) in the light of day. For the uninformed, a National Security Letter or NSL, is a document that thousands of tech companies around the country receive each year, requesting data and information on specific customers who use products or services Read More


Make Legacy Apps Compatible in Explorer Enterprise Mode

You don’t have to be an IT expert to know that Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is a dying breed. Even the average Internet user is beginning to avoid using it. Google Chrome has dominated the market when it comes to browser options, but even Firefox is getting close to the level of Internet Explorer. This is Read More

Oracle Releases 104 Updates to Combat Heartbleed

Provider of one of the most notoriously weak programming platforms ever invented (Java), Oracle have revealed a whole slew of updates ready and rearing to go for nearly all of their available products in both the consumer and enterprise markets. Announced in the monthly Critical Patch Update, the package contained a total of 104 different Read More

Massive Man-In-The-Middle Attack Routing Through Iceland

In a report released my security firm Renesys this Thursday, it has been discovered that nearly 80% of all internet traffic in the US is being routed through servers in Iceland, Russia, and Belarus. While many suspect this could be the work of the NSA, the nature of the attack suggests it is likely a Read More