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How to Stream UEFA Euro 2016 Online in Any Country

UEFA EURO 2016 kicked off on June 10th 2016. It is the 15th edition of the men’s football championship. Over the course of a month, 24 European teams will contest in the hopes of winning the gold medal. Initially divided into six groups of four teams, the know out stage include three rounds and the […]

“Impossible” to Ban Encryption Globally, Harvard Study Shows

This week, a new Harvard study released to the public concluded that banning encryption in the United States could lead to catastrophic economic consequences on home soil. The purpose of the study, entitled “A Worldwide Survey of Encryption Products,” was to attempt to catalog the entire library of encryption products that are available in the […]


Edward Snowden Spills All in Reddit AMA

On Monday, the triple team of Laura Poitras, Glenn Greenwald, and Edward Snowden himself took to the news aggregation website Reddit to participate in an AMA (“Ask Me Anything”) on the tails of their Oscar win from Sunday night for the documentary Citizenfour. The community wasted no time in hitting Snowden with the hard questions, […]

TorGuard Launches New Encrypted Email System

VPN provider TorGuard has launched a new encrypted email client for its user base. All TorGuard customers are now eligible for a free 10MB email address (@torguard.tg) with unlimited storage options available for an upgrade fee and monthly/quarterly/yearly billing options. Any VPN users looking to avail of the new TorGuard email address need to contact […]


France & the EU Mull Over New Online Censorship Rules

France is proposing new legislation that will make social media sites like Facebook and Twitter partially responsible for terrorist content posted on their sites. President Francois Hollande said the new draft law, set to be presented next month, will make social media sites “accomplices” if they do not block terrorism-related content from their sites. Bloomberg […]

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Tor May Not ‘Stink’ as Much as We Thought

According to newly released documents from the Snowden archive published by Der Spiegel Monday morning, it turns out the anonymization mesh network Tor may not be as hard to crack as we were originally led to believe. You’ll remember that back in July of this year, we went into detail about a PowerPoint presentation lifted […]


Researchers Identify ‘Grinch’ Bug As Christmas Approaches

Researchers have identified a new vulnerability affecting Linux-based operating systems – the Grinch bug. By exploiting this vulnerability, hackers can gain root access to a system running on Linux. Grinch is similar to the Shellshock bug which hit the cyberspace in September and emerged just days after another bug called Poodle surfaced. Alert Logic wrote […]

Webcam-ready Spawn of Zeus Chthonic Hits 150 Worldwide

The newest version of Zeus has just hit the scenes, and now it’s after your webcam, so says fresh research from the boys down at Kaspersky Lab. The malware, known as Chthonic, weasels its way onto machines running Windows XP, 7, and 8.1, and hooks into software designed to handle the permissions for your webcam […]


Best Yemen VPN

There have been numerous incidents of Internet monitoring and censorship in Yemen, though it has been erratic, according to the OpenNet Initiative. Some measures implemented by the government have included blocking content such as gambling, sex or anything that is overly critical of political figures. With a regulated Internet, the Yemeni people are deprived of […]

Fox IT

23,000 Websites at Risk of Backdoor CryptoPHP Threat

Just before everyone headed home for Thanksgiving break last week, researchers at the Netherlands-based digital forensics lab Fox IT posted a whitepaper which detailed the results of their investigation into a bug that could affect over 23,000 websites that use the WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal publication platforms to host their own content. Called CryptoPHP (due […]

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Best South Africa VPN

The South African government respects digital media freedom. Political criticism is tolerated, and bloggers and journalists are not detained or prosecuted for expressing their opinion online. However, two piece of legislation proposed in 2011 threatened Internet freedom to a great extent. The General Intelligence Laws Amendment Bill proposes to legalize the monitoring of online communications. […]


Government Spy Program Uses Airplanes To Collect Phone Data

The US Justice Department has been reportedly using special electronic devices on airplanes to simulate phone towers in order to collect user data from unsuspecting Americans. This program was originally created to catch criminals, but it collects information from innocent citizens as well, as reported by the Wall Street Journal. The allegations suggest that the […]


UK Intelligence Agencies Accused of Spying on Lawyers

Intelligence agencies in the UK have policies that allow their staff to spy on calls and emails between lawyers and their clients, according to new reports, and this information could be illegally used to influence terrorist trials. As part of the Investigatory Powers Tribunal (IPT) case filed by the charity organization Reprieve against the UK […]

TorGuard SmartDNS Proxy Review

TorGuard now offers its very own DNS proxy service. This DNS solution is ideal for unblocking content from virtually any country worldwide. TorGuard’s Smart DNS has zero-speed loss and no logging practices from the company’s side. Using a DNS service may not come with encryption features but with TorGuard’s Smart DNS, users’ online identities will […]


Smart DNS Vs VPN: Breaking Down the Differences

Some websites and online streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, Spotify and others contain regionally restricted (or geo-restricted) content. As a result, the content that they provide is only available for viewing and/or downloading by users who live within their permitted locations. Smart DNS is a service that allows users to access multiple services from […]

EFF Criticizes FBI Comments on Encryption Backdoors

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has responded to remarks made by the FBI’s director on phone encryption, calling them “bad law”. FBI Director James Comey, much like many law enforcement officials of late, had criticized Apple’s plans to encrypt phones by default. He called for a change in the law to allow backdoors for law […]