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Anonymous Vows to Oust High Profile Members of Child Abuse Ring

This week, Anonymous revealed their plans to stage an international day of protest against child abusers, and those who support child abuse on underground pornography rings through networks such as Tor and I2P. Codenamed “Operation Death Eaters”, the offensive will seek to oust many high ranking officials in several large governments who have been caught […]

Anonymous Hacks Social Accounts of ISIS

This week, select members from the hacking team Anonymous announced they had successfully infiltrated and taken down various social media accounts and email addresses belonging to the international terrorist organization ISIS. In a statement released by the group, the vigilante cyber warriors said: “ISIS, we will hunt you, take down your sites, accounts, emails and […]

TorGuard Launches New Encrypted Email System

VPN provider TorGuard has launched a new encrypted email client for its user base. All TorGuard customers are now eligible for a free 10MB email address (@torguard.tg) with unlimited storage options available for an upgrade fee and monthly/quarterly/yearly billing options. Any VPN users looking to avail of the new TorGuard email address need to contact […]

Ireland: US Needs Permission to View Microsoft Data

The Irish government has submitted a court filing that says that US courts must get its permission to access emails stored in a Microsoft data center in Dublin. The US government has been attempting to access a user’s email data for several months in an ongoing drug trafficking investigation but Microsoft has refused, stating the […]


Plague of Brute Force Attacks & How to Protect Yourself

The term ‘brute force attacks’ conjures up many images. A battering ram being heaved at the door of a castle. An army from ancient Rome 86,000 strong taking on Hannibal at Cannae. Any number of scenes from Game of Thrones… Yes, the visuals are vivid, but since we’re talking Internet security here, they’re fairly far […]


Syrian Electronic Army Hacks the International Business Times

On Wednesday, the SEA (Syrian Electronic Army) penetrated the website of business news site International Business Times, breaching the publication’s CMS (content management system) and threatened to wipe out the entire site if it continues to publish ‘false news’ about Syria. The anonymous hacking group also deleted an article pertaining to Syrian violence. On the […]

Asprox Botnet Responsible for 80% of All Attacks in October

This week, the security research group at Palo Alto Networks revealed their annual Threat Landscape Review, which alleges that 80 percent of all global malware traffic in October of this year came from a single place, the ancient, yet still fully functional Asprox botnet. Asprox, which made its debut appearance back in 2008, was used […]

Businesses Are Lacking a Mature Patch Management Process

Although 2014 saw vulnerabilities like ShellShock and Heartbleed along with several data breaches on major retail stores and banks, most businesses still don’t have a full-fledged patch management process or a strong system to track sensitive data, according to a survey by Trustwave. The 2014 State of Risk Report by Trustwave said that as many […]

NSA Program Auroragold Designed to Crack into Carrier Networks

This Thursday, Glenn Greenwald released a new set of leaks from the Snowden files on behalf of his publication The Intercept, which detail yet another program which handily oversteps nearly every boundary of personal privacy it can, while shunting any sense of common decency to the side in pursuit of some disillusioned sense of the […]

Anonymous Targets Fort Lauderdale Over Homeless Laws

Anonymous made good on its promise to disrupt the website of the city of Fort Lauderdale, Florida on Monday after the city passed new laws on homelessness. The denial of service attack impacted fortlauderdale.gov as well as sites for the police force and the city’s email system, according to the Sun Sentinel. Anonymous has taken […]


Cyber Monday Phishing Scams on the Rise

Black Friday. Just the name seems to imply an ominous sense of death and destruction, and the actual celebration of the ‘holiday’ seems no different, if the local news reports are to be believed. Customers trampled to death at the doors of Wal-Mart, moms and daughters fist fighting each other over the last dress on […]

UK Government to Introduce Bill to Force ISPs to Hand Over User Data

The anti-terrorism legislation that is going to be introduced in the UK parliament on November 26 will require Internet service providers to hand over user data to government agencies. The bill is expected to become a law before the country goes to the polls in May. The new bill will restrict people from traveling abroad […]


Employees Are Using BYOD Devices For Non-Work Purposes

Many companies have continued to integrate BYOD into the workplace to save money and make the staff happy and productive at the same time, but it turns out employees aren’t using these devices only for work-related purposes. A new study conducted by GFI Software and Opinion Matters revealed that during work hours, 36 percent of […]


Privacy Advocates Release Detekt to Detect Surveillance

A new free privacy tool, Detekt has been released by several organizations including Amnesty and EFF, which allows users to scan their Windows computers for signs of possible infection by illegal surveillance software programs. Detekt is an open source program developed by security scientist Claudio Guarnieri. Several organizations like Amnesty International, EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation), […]


NotCompatible Malware Next Big Threat for Enterprise

According to a new report released by the mobile software developer Lookout Security, the NotCompatible malware could be the next big threat for enterprise providers in 2015. Though the original build is going on several years old now, the freshest entry, known as NotCompatible.C, has evolved into a beast of infectious proportions that mimics some […]

Home Depot Customers Not Deterred by Data Breach

Despite its near-crippling data breach earlier this year, Home Depot has posted solid earnings growth today, indicating that customers have not been deterred from shopping there. The DIY store chain reported a 14 percent growth in earnings in the third quarter, putting concerns at ease for shareholders after September’s data breach that affected over 50 […]

Email Hoax Sends G4S Stocks Down This Week

This week outsourcing company G4S fell prey to an extensive email hoax that ultimately saw its shares tank on Wednesday. A fake press release was circulated to journalists containing a link to replica website for the FTSE 100 company that was near perfect in imitation. The press release made startling (false) claims such as the […]