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Anonymous Vows to Oust High Profile Members of Child Abuse Ring

This week, Anonymous revealed their plans to stage an international day of protest against child abusers, and those who support child abuse on underground pornography rings through networks such as Tor and I2P. Codenamed “Operation Death Eaters”, the offensive will seek to oust many high ranking officials in several large governments who have been caught […]


Syrian Electronic Army Hacks the International Business Times

On Wednesday, the SEA (Syrian Electronic Army) penetrated the website of business news site International Business Times, breaching the publication’s CMS (content management system) and threatened to wipe out the entire site if it continues to publish ‘false news’ about Syria. The anonymous hacking group also deleted an article pertaining to Syrian violence. On the […]

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Phishing Scams Prey on Fidelity National Financial

Fidelity National Financial, a Fortune 500 mortgage provider, has seen an undetermined number of users’ information breached by a phishing scam, including bank account numbers, card numbers, and Social Security numbers. A number of employees fell prey to phishing attacks in April, says the notification letter, leading to the attackers gaining access to their usernames […]

Yahoo Email Accounts Lost in Latest HeartBleed Crack

Earlier this afternoon, Yahoo confirmed that hundreds of millions of its users could be made vulnerable by the brand new Heartbleed bug that is taking every server running OpenSSL by storm. Without much more than a standard server request, security researcher Mark Lohman was able to pull plaintext usernames and passwords right off of Yahoo’s […]

SEA Steals Law Enforcement Data in Microsoft Heist

Last week, we reported that the Syrian Electronic Army, or “SEA” for short, had forced their way into several official Twitter and email accounts of Microsoft employees currently working at the Redmond, WA tech firm. After posting several tweets from the official podiums of Microsoft about the correspondence the software manufacturer may or may not […]

Microsoft Staff Emails Hacked in SEA Attack

When the Syrian Electronic Army first gained control over two of Microsoft’s Twitter accounts this week, some suspected they had also gained access to the internal email accounts of the manager in charge of moderating their social media presence, Steve Clayton. SEA published several pictures which claimed to have been taken from within the compromised […]