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Edward Snowden on How to Protect Your Online Privacy

If you’re using the Internet without being worried about how to protect your online privacy, I salute you. But take it from someone who knows a thing or two about privacy, Edward Snowden – you need to protect yourself when going online. To an average person, this may sound paranoid, but every move you make […]


Edward Snowden Spills All in Reddit AMA

On Monday, the triple team of Laura Poitras, Glenn Greenwald, and Edward Snowden himself took to the news aggregation website Reddit to participate in an AMA (“Ask Me Anything”) on the tails of their Oscar win from Sunday night for the documentary Citizenfour. The community wasted no time in hitting Snowden with the hard questions, […]

NSA Reports They ‘May’ Have Broken Some Laws Over the Past Decade

This week, the NSA finally (and voluntarily) served up their first piece of humble pie after a year-and-a-half of near total silence on the matter of their own internal advisory practices and oversight. The delectable treat, which took the form of a series of quarterly and annual reports which were submitted to the President’s Intelligence […]

Politician Calls on Sweden to Grant Asylum to Snowden

Edward Snowden should be granted asylum in Sweden says one Swedish politician, who has criticized other EU countries for not doing so. Valter Mutt, foreign affairs spokesperson for Sweden’s Green Party, commended Snowden as a “hero” in a Swedish TV interview and said that it was a disgrace that no EU country would offer asylum. […]


Vodafone Company Linked to British Mass Surveillance Program

The undersea cables that stretch into the UK not only connect the nation with other parts of the world, but also serve other purposes. Media reports suggest that Vodafone-owned cable company helped GCHQ eavesdrop on a large number of Internet users. News reports based on data leaked by whistleblower and former NSA employee Edward Snowden […]


UK Intelligence Agencies Accused of Spying on Lawyers

Intelligence agencies in the UK have policies that allow their staff to spy on calls and emails between lawyers and their clients, according to new reports, and this information could be illegally used to influence terrorist trials. As part of the Investigatory Powers Tribunal (IPT) case filed by the charity organization Reprieve against the UK […]


GCHQ Chief Says Social Media Should Help Intelligence Agencies

The new chief of GCHQ has come under fire for remarks made in the Financial Times, stating that social media aids terrorist groups and tech companies need to work more with intelligence officials. Robert Hannigan said that social media sites have a duty to ensure that their platforms are not being misused by devious entities […]

Snowden Joining Guardian Event Via Satellite This Weekend

Edward Snowden will be making his first UK ‘appearance’ this weekend at The Guardian’s Observer Ideas event via video link to discuss his role as a whistleblower and NSA surveillance. Snowden, who is still cooped away in Moscow, will join the attendees at London’s Barbican Theater with Observer tech columnist and professor of public understanding […]

Snowden Reveals Mass Surveillance in New Zealand

According to Edward Snowden, New Zealand is under mass surveillance as the NSA whistleblower could easily access the details of several New Zealanders, including email, social media accounts, Internet searches, and text messages when he worked with the agency. Although the government declared publicly that they weren’t spying, the GCSB (Government Communications Security Bureau), which […]

Snowden Could Testify in Switzerland

Edward Snowden could very well be heading to Switzerland if new reports are to be believed, which suggests the NSA whistleblower could testify in the country without fear of extradition. Snowden could be granted asylum in the country to testify against the NSA for spying on Switzerland. Swiss newspaper Le Matin Dimanche reported over the […]


NSA’s MonsterMind and Other Revelations by Snowden

In his interview with Wired, Edward Snowden has spilled the beans about several other NSA programs, including the latest revelation, MonsterMind. According to Snowden, MonsterMind is capable of responding back to cyber threats without any human intervention. It is especially made for intercepting foreign communications with US citizens. Any seemingly threatening attacks are automatically answered […]

NSA Caused Syrian Internet Blackout in 2012

Earlier this morning, Wired released a report which suggests that the Internet blackout in Syria, which took place over the course of two days back in 2012, was not the result of dissenting terrorists as the government had told the world, but rather the act of the NSA, according to statements from none other than […]

Ladar Levison

Dark Mail Is Trying to Make Truly Encrypted Email a Reality

Dark Mail, the brainchild of Ladar Levison of Lavabit and Jon Callas of Silent Circle, is an open-source system to allow end-to-end encryption in the emailing system, protecting confidential data from prying government eyes. Lavabit had to face the US government in a legal battle, as the government wanted the company to hand over its […]


Snowden: ‘NSA Employees Routinely Pass Around Nude Photos’

In an extended interview with The Guardian, Edward Snowden revealed that members of the NSA and GCHQ regularly pass around nude photographs and webcam feeds of people who are suspects of any crimes, other than being overly attractive to whichever agent happened to be on the job at the time. The NSA has already copped […]

UK MPs Vote in Favor of Data Law Despite Fierce Criticisms

MPs in the UK have voted through the controversial emergency data retention law, amid waves of criticism, that will see telecoms continue to collect vast amounts of data on customers, which could be viewed by the government. David Cameron said the legislation will allow telecoms to cooperate in providing data on UK customers in specific […]

RT Whistleblower Claims NSA Stores 80% of All Phone Calls

Former NSA employee and current whistleblower William Binney has released information at a London conference organized by the Center for Investigative Journalism which alleges that the NSA collects, stores, and analyzes 80 percent of all phone calls made in the United States on a daily basis. This statement comes in direct contrast to the original […]