New DRIDEX Malware Deploys Macro Technique to Infect Users

According to a recent blog post from security researchers at the threat monitoring group Trend Micro, a new malware known as DRIDEX has been spotted targeting banking institutions and individual customers who log into their financial accounts from their desktops at home. An evolution of the long-defunct CRIDEX bug which made its debut last year, Read More


Hackers Exploit PowerPoint Flaws to Hack Computers

Hackers have exploited a safety flaw in the Microsoft Office suite of software to use PowerPoint files to attack and gain control over Windows-based computers. Microsoft has released a security advisory on its website and said that they have seen targeted attacks against Windows users who use PowerPoint. Through this attack route, the hacker can Read More

Terrorists Pivot on Communication Strategies in Wake of Snowden Leaks

The intelligence firm Recorded Future has revealed they they have been tracking a sharp increase in the number of cryptographically-concerned apps being downloaded and distributed for the Android operating system, and that by using IP locater services, were able to discern that a large percentage of those new downloads were coming out of countries in Read More

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The UK Decriminalises Online Piracy

Piracy in the UK has now been decriminalized with the introduction of a warning letter system for repeat offenders but no punishment. If caught, ISPs will send pirates up to four warning letters but after the fourth letter, no further action or punishment will be sought. Typically in these systems, the user faces a fine Read More


Beware: “LOL” Virus is Roaming Facebook’s Chat

Social networks are dominating the online market in a way that was almost unthinkable before. Almost everyone has at least one social media account and spends hours browsing and utilizing them. They are visited and used everyday by millions of users worldwide, so it comes as no surprise that these platforms are, nowadays, one of Read More

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Best Iraq VPN

The US war in Iraq may be over in many regards, but many people still perceive Iraq as a messed up place – full of violence and oppression of freedom. From all parts of the globe, there are certain laws governing the censorship of information or content. But the fact of the matter is, there Read More

One of World’s Largest Botnets Taken Down by Microsoft

In a blog post late last night, Microsoft and their security team claim to have finally defeated one of the world’s largest botnets, dealing a critical blow to its infrastructure and removing the threat almost entirely in one fell swoop. The ominously named “ZeroAccess” would install itself on user’s computers with standard malware techniques, implanting Read More

HideMyAss! Christmas Special 2013

The holiday season is just around the corner, and as usual, HideMyAss Pro VPN has just launched their popular Christmas special discounts on different subscription packages until the end of December 2013. In our recently announced winners of the 2013 VPN Creative Awards, HideMyAss! delivered strong results and proved to us that they are still Read More

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