Stay Secure & Private Online with PureVPN

Only a few years ago, the average user did not pay much attention to their online security. Phenomenon like browser cookies tracking user’s whereabouts or social media websites scooping up troves of personal data for targeted ads did not get much attention. Never mind worrying about mass Internet surveillance. But since the Edward Snowden leaks Read More

TorGuard SmartDNS Proxy Review

TorGuard now offers its very own DNS proxy service. This DNS solution is ideal for unblocking content from virtually any country worldwide. TorGuard’s Smart DNS has zero-speed loss and no logging practices from the company’s side. Using a DNS service may not come with encryption features but with TorGuard’s Smart DNS, users’ online identities will Read More


Smart DNS Vs VPN: Breaking Down the Differences

Some websites and online streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, Spotify and others contain regionally restricted (or geo-restricted) content. As a result, the content that they provide is only available for viewing and/or downloading by users who live within their permitted locations. Smart DNS is a service that allows users to access multiple services from Read More

Netflix’s European Expansion & Getting the Content You Want

Although the recent news about Netflix’s expansion into Europe is exciting, depending on where you live, you might miss out on all the action. According to The Wall Street Journal, Netflix is preparing one of the biggest international expansions in its history by launching services in six Western European countries: France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Read More

Iron Socket Adds Zero Logs to Its Privacy Policy

Iron Socket has announced a change to its privacy policy to “zero activity logs”, meaning the VPN provider will not log any user activity on its servers. The no log policy extends to both Iron Socket’s VPN service and its proxy service. Iron Socket says this gives its customers “an enhanced level of privacy.” “We Read More

OverPlay Joins IPVanish at Affiliate Groove

Affiliate Groove has announced a new partnership alliance with OverPlay. Previously, IPVanish VPN was the only available security and unblocking service on the affiliate platform, and today’s announcement brings a very well know Smart DNS service on the program. The newest member of Affiliate Groove, OverPlay, has been in operations since 2009 and has a Read More

LiquidVPN Rolls Out Two Features To Boost Internet Security

LiquidVPN has released two new features that are said to improve the company’s encryption service. Aside from its VPN offering, LiquidVPN has finally developed its own DNS solution called the LiquidDNS. This newest security enhancement from LiquidVPN is a Zero-Log DNS service, meaning DNS queries won’t be logged on any occasion, improving geolocation routing. This Read More

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