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Comcast Sued for Using Home Routers as Public Wi-Fi Hotspots

Comcast certainly wants its users to share their Wi-Fi networks with each other, but not everybody is happy with this idea. SF Gate in San Francisco reports that two people have sued Comcast for turning their residential wireless router into a public Wi-Fi hotspot, which not only inflates their electricity bill but also threatens their […]

Online Dating Scam Pulls Over $1 Million out of Elderly Singles

A new scam on several popular dating sites has been brought to light when a new case was presented in the District Court of Maryland, indicting several members of an underground ring that would scam older women out of their money through promises of gold, jewels, and perhaps most heart-breaking of all…love. The hacker behind […]

More Than 100 Arrested in RAT Peeping Tom Scheme

In news that would make anyone think twice about leaving the webcams on their laptops and phones uncovered, this week a global crackdown on peeping pervs resulted in the apprehension and arrest of over 100 hackers who were utilizing the Blackshade trojan to covertly spy on the webcams of unwitting victims from around the world. […]

US Federal Judge Rules NSA Surveillance Unconstitutional

And so the uphill battle begins. Earlier today a US federal judge ordered the NSA to stop its surveillance efforts of 300 million American and UK citizens, and demanded they destroy the records collected on all of them in the past several years. US District Court Judge Richard Leon has officially declared the blanket, dragnet-style […]