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Kerry & Clinton “Accidentally” Spied on by German Intelligence Agency

The German intelligence service Bundesnachrichtdienst (which we’ll just refer to as the BND, for short) has admitted that their internal surveillance systems had “accidentally” spied on calls made to and from the country by then Secretary of State Hilary Clinton and current Secretary John Kerry. According to the agency and a corroborating report by the Read More

Der Spiegel Reveals Intimate Relationship Between NSA and German Intelligence Agencies

The German publication Der Spiegel has released one of the largest leaks of Snowden files to date, with over 50 pages of documents detailing the intimate relationship that existed between the US and German intelligence agencies who used their collective might to spy on private citizens hailing from North America and the EU. These newest Read More

German Space Research Center Hit by Cyber Attack

Today Der Spiegel released a report detailing a covert cyber attack that took place at Germany’s space research center in Cologne. According to the documents provided, last Sunday the German Aerospace Center (DLR) contacted the National Cyber Defense Center after discovering a litany of various malware programs and keyloggers installed on machines used by high-ranking Read More


18 Million Accounts Attacked in German Hack

More than 18 million passwords and email address have been stolen in one massive hack in Germany, according to German publication Der Spiegel, with three million of which belonging to German citizens. Police in the city of Verden are investigating how the hack took place, which was made public on Thursday. The criminals have been Read More


NSA’s Nymrod Spied On Up to 112 Foreign Leaders

German publication Der Spiegel has released a set of documents that reveal the NSA conducted spying operations on up to 112 foreign leaders under “Operation Nymrod”. The details of Operation Nymrod were unveiled in documents released by Edward Snowden, which state that it is currently an active program. As a mere piece to the overall Read More

NSA Caught Spying on Chinese Hardware Giant Huawei

The New York Times and Der Spiegel have reported that the United States government and its surveillance apparatus the NSA have been spying on the internal networks of China hardware manufacturing mogul Huawei. Huawei has spent years in the crosshairs of Washington for supposed cooperation with the Chinese government, and potentially even supplying engineers and Read More

US Involved in Industrial Espionage says New Claims

German broadcaster ARD has released an advance copy of their interview that took place with Edward Snowden on January 26th, previewing 40 minutes out of the six hours that will premiere later this week. Filmed at a hotel suite in Moscow (where Snowden has been granted asylum for one year, starting last month), the interview Read More

NSA Caught Hacking Mexican President’s Email

Edward Snowden continues to be a splinter in the paw of the American government, bouncing from location to location as he releases more damning evidence with every satellite uplink he can get. This time, he’s come forward with yet another juicy snooping scandal which has been entrusted to German publication Der Spiegel, who have posted Read More