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Shadowcrew Vendor Jailed for 30 Months After Decade on the Run

A Bulgarian national has been sentenced to 30 months in prison by a New Jersey court for his role in Shadowcrew, a former cybercrime forum that bought and sold stolen credit card details. Aleksi Kolarov (32) had been on the run for nearly ten years but pleaded guilty to the charges against him, including identity Read More


Government Surveillance Harms Journalists & Lawyers Says Report

A new joint report by the Human Rights Watch (HRW) and American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) illustrates the effects of government surveillance on journalists and lawyers operating in the US. The report systematically outlines how these surveillance procedures impact freedoms of expression, association, and press as well as the public’s right to access information and Read More


Drug Shipping Prosecution Sparks FedEx Consumer Privacy Debates

The recent penalty prosecution of FedEx for shipping pharmaceuticals from online pharmacies that were prescribing drugs illegally has caused a lot of controversy. The operator of the world’s largest cargo service delivered drugs to Internet pharmacies that supplied drugs to consumers who filled out questionnaires on the web but were not examined by doctors. The Read More


Canadian Experts Fighting Cyberbullying Bill’s Anti-Privacy Features

Privacy experts in Canada are raising concerns over a new anti-cyberbullying bill that could allow police to access user phone data or track their location. Bill C-13 has been described as having “very little to do with cyberbullying” by the Canadian Civil Liberties Association (CCLA). The bill will expand the powers of the police, says Read More


NSA and DOJ Continue to Allegedly Destroy Evidence

Recently, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, EFF, filed a claim in the case of Jewel (not the singer) vs. the NSA, alleging that the agency, along with members of the Department of Justice, had knowingly been destroying documents and information that could implicate them in crimes, which are even greater than those we’re already aware of, Read More


Megaupload Taking Legal Action Against Hong Kong

Megaupload is launching legal action against the Hong Kong government in a bid to unfreeze its assets, which were shut down over two years when the site was closed. The infamous file sharing site says it wants to help users to access their files, which were all confiscated after the raid on the site and Read More